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  1. Have fun,got a stuck polychoke II on my s12 barrel. Wrench was bending & all kindsa good shit. Tried to take it off at range due to cycling issues,... no dice. Dicking around 2 weeks after that visit to strip and re-assemble seems to have exacerbated things.
  2. 10/22 has a telekinetic FCG heheheh
  3. Only guy I recognized from chat was PSL Here I am. Yes the yard is overgrown.
  4. you probably won't be going "1,2,3,4 OH SNAP another guy just went by my other window, 5, 6, Crap! Did he just shoot my dog? 7, 8, haha QFT
  5. Didn't fire or load the drum but Winchester PDX12 looked tight when I tried to stuff one or two in an otherwise full drum so I stopped. Compared to Winchester SuperX 1.25oz/4 sitting on a shelf by eye it appeared to be more than 1/16" taller maybe a little more. Mustn't bust the drum!
  6. I could be wrong but isn't WD40 just a solvent and not a lubricant?
  7. Looking to get large ammo shipments before UPS raises prices next month it doesn't look like I will make it at this rate. I made a post about what surplus cheap stuff runs best/at all in Md20 drums. Someone mentioned I should read some ammo faq for md20 but didn't link to it while I was here. I tried to revisit my post by going into my profile/my posts it only shows a very little bit of things I posted. Why doesn't it show them all? Can post retention be increased somehow?
  8. No doubt all who replied,....they don't (didn't used to) give medals for nothing. + he looks a bit old to be in the NEW class of citizens who just get them to promote self esteem "everyone is a winner" fucking bunch of bullshit we now have.
  9. I hear you guys,...opened a box I was like wtf is that even brass? WTF is that coating on the brass?Can't be good.
  10. Disclaimer No business or relationships with these guys. Saw the flyer at a gunshow. Seems pretty str8forward,just trying to boost the local eCONomy link should at least be informational and possibly save you hearing loss/wincing when you pull the trigger http://www.sdsilencer.com
  11. Vets have actually marched on Washington before. And Ike under MacArthur burned and shot those g'damn boners (bonus marchers) out. Jus'Sayin
  12. The poll didn't offer a fly to Nevada with 4 drums and torch the plant option! Own a 107FR none of these issues (gas block pic cracked me up,but shit I read some of the farther than first posts fuck it,it works). Guy who built one of my s12's in Russia must have emigrated to Nevada.
  13. Talking with this guy in chat. It's depressing Competition shooter (relies on $income stream) possibly in response to events in Norway sounds like he says they are doing a gun grab and they are going to steal his livelihood.
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