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  1. russiangunrunner

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    built it myself, shaped and formed my own gas tube HG retainers and modded the stock to work with the folding hardware
  2. russiangunrunner

    Saiga 12 Izhmash 8rd magwell mags.

    yeah, I'll take the other one too.
  3. russiangunrunner

    Izzy 8

    hey, yeah. No paypal no prob, I had similar shit with them, locking up my money for weeks... I'll take it at $115 shipped and will send you money order.
  4. russiangunrunner

    Izzy 8

    I'll gladly take it if nobody claims it at the listed price.
  5. russiangunrunner

    saiga vs mini 14

    how can u favor a stinkin' ruger over this.... and same price range...
  6. russiangunrunner

    Gotta have a Krinkov in 5.45

    grabbed everything i could while i was in iraq, I even picked up the izzy plum bayo while the kits themselves were just a rumor... too bad money only allowed a krink kit and a plum 88 74.
  7. russiangunrunner

    Weld on saiga ak 74 muzzle brake

    no way thats gonna hold.... pin it, or weld it....
  8. russiangunrunner

    Weld on saiga ak 74 muzzle brake

    you can get this part from copes for $5... unless u wanna do what i did and do a full conversion, then It's deff worth the money....
  9. russiangunrunner

    Modification to use circle 10s?

    wow.... i'm sorry man... mine was nowhere near that much work... the trunnion was oddball and i had at it... but thats it.
  10. russiangunrunner

    Modification to use circle 10s?

    I wouldn't even consider removing anything from the front trunnion. It might make it difficult to run other kinds of mags. pretty good point.... trying to replace destroyed material is impossible...
  11. russiangunrunner

    Modification to use circle 10s?

    trunnion. compare the saiga and bulgy mags side by side and you'll see a diff in the height of the area right behind the feed ramp but in front of the feed lips... the factory mag and the bulgy mag have a 1mm diff.... and this 1mm of extra material on the bulgy mags won't let the mag rock in..... compare the mag you're trying to fit with one that you haven't tried to use yet, you'll see where the pressure from the trunnion is marking your mag..... i shaved 1 mm off the bottom of my locking lugs and everything went smoothly.... i didn't shave too much, so the mags are still a tight fit, but its ok.
  12. russiangunrunner

    Modification to use circle 10s?

    how new is your rifle? it could be your trunnion, mine was doing the same thing....
  13. russiangunrunner

    Modification to use circle 10s?

    on mine, I didn't need to grind down the locking tab at all, but the trunnion needs to be shaved under the locking lugs to make the circle 10 mags work, and after you install the bullet guide, the factory mag won't work, BUT its an easy fix to make it shaped just like the circle 10 mags you're putting in... then u have a 10rd for whatever.
  14. russiangunrunner

    Need to put this to an end.

    i'm more of a classic kind of guy.... the top one looks cheasy and something you'll see only in america... the bottom is very much like a romanian ak74s..... cept the gas tube, its a lot more tasteful... plus its handy and makes a better truck gun with that stock...