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  1. I am willing to sell this for less, sans Magpul buttstock, PMAGS, MBUS, Quad rail. Rifle will just come with a standard collapsible stock, PM me if interested. Will ship for free.
  2. I love this rifle, but deep down I'm more of an AK guy. I will be building another AR from the ground up, so I wont be entirely out of the .223 game. Looking to trade for Saiga 7.62 (post conversion), Zastava PAP, etc. Not interested in WASR 10s, feel free to shoot me an offer. This is one of the lightest ARs I have ever handled, and has never failed to go bang. I've only put 100 rounds through it, and it's cycled both steel and brass no problem. Looking for $660 shipped or $640 picked up In eastern NC. Here are the particulars. DPMS Sportical Upper 5.56 Barrel New frontier Armory lower Magp
  3. You slide them up the mag release and tighten the setscrews, makes it nice for the lefties. You can use your finger tip, or the lever. Using the lever is alot more finger friendly with these installed.
  4. Bought four of these, and only have two AKs now. I tested these only, both functioned fine. I really like how much more comfortable this is over the metal lever. $11 each plus $5 shipping, or buy both for $27 shipped. http://www.aimsurplus.com/product.aspx?item=XEMAAKMR&name=Command+Arms+Tactical+AK+Mag+Release&search=command Manufacturer: EMA Tactical AKMR Item: 2-CAAAKMR UPC: 814716010976 Specifications and Features: Manufacturer: EMA Tactical (CAA) Model: CAA AK47 Mag Release Part: AK Tactical Magazine Release Color: Black Material: Polymer Operates with only one finger Fits for
  5. Love my Saigas, but Yugos in the league of their own What side mount are you using that mounts that low?
  6. curious as to why you didn't want a SAIGA 5.45? the SAIGA is a 100 percent factory built rifle, with the right diameter bore and chromed lined, the one you bought is a parts kit gun with a non-chrome US made barrel, which in all probability isn't the correct diameter for the 5.45 bullet. honestly, if I was to drop that much coin on a AK, it certainly wouldn't be for a parts kit gun. The TGI and WW guns have been chrome-lined and in spec for years. Almost all of the WW AK-74s are even serial matching, many of the kits unissued or lightly used. They're not comparable to the hit-or
  7. It's not that I wouldn't buy a siaga, I have had a S12 for years, and have converted many others including a 5.45. I looked for one in 5.45 and really couldn't find any, and the ones I did were the already converted ones and were the same price . All of the waffenwerks rifles advertise a chrome lined barrel, and I would hope if they contracted a company to make the barrels they would be the right diameter. My saiga is the only gun I own I would never sell, everything else I would get rid of if I had to. I just know how I am with saigas, I would have to blast it and recoat it like i did the S1
  8. After selling my AMD, I was on the hunt for a 74. I had heard lots of good things about the Waffenwerks rifles, but they had gone up at least $100 post Sandy hook. Classic here in NC had a helluva deal for $799.99, which included three additional mags, and a rifle bag. I was pretty set on this purchase, till I went to check out and they tacked on $50 in taxes. I then began to do some research, I knew if they were made from bulgy kits there was only a handful of legitimate places in the US that make dealer grade receivers. So I narrowed it down to a few, that's when I realized TGI had been usi
  9. Pics of the one I have for sale on here:
  10. FYI I am willing to trade for a mini-14 if anyone is looking for an AMD.
  11. ^^ This rifle does in fact have an SA serial number, thank you for clearing that up. I am willing to trade for other guns, but I am not willing to trade where I have to fork over cash or accomodate the trader. Feel free to message me an offer, worse I can say is no thanks.
  12. All indications point to this being a FEG, as the only other receiver these were built on were US Nodak ones. There is no indication it is a US receiver.
  13. Apparently $800 is quite a bit more than these go for, feel free to make me an offer.
  14. I acquired this rifle in a trade awhile back and never shot it, the previous owner who bought it new put no more than a magazine through it. I am looking to sell it to buy something in 5.45. I will consider trades, or partial trades for something in 5.45 or an AR in 7.62. Comes with two steel mags,100 rounds and the original hand guard. I had an AK gas tube modified to allow for the use of AK hand guards. For and extra $15 I will include a rear trunnion which will allow the you to use an ACE folder on it. $800
  15. I'll be shipping you my parts this week priority.
  16. I am in need of one of these: Not looking to pay an exorbitant amount for it.
  17. I've got a couple just let me know if you need this still.
  18. I have the trunnion, I just need the two rivets drilled and replaced.
  19. Looking to have the rear trunnion replaced on my AMD 65, would be nice to have the folder notch welded up and re-coated but not necessary.
  20. 7.62x51 is the NATO designation for .308, similar to .223/5.56x45. The two rounds are interchangeable for the most part.
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