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  1. Thanks for the heads up, if someone is willing to make one up for me I would appreciate it.
  2. I'm looking for a gas tube that's been modified to work on a AMD-65, my rifle needs an upper handgaurd bad.
  3. What gas tube did you use to mount the upper hand guard?
  4. I am a little reluctant to sell this as it's such a fun, accurate rifle. I already have one rifle that shoots .223, and am considering selling/trading for something that shoots cheaper ammo that's more available cheap and in bulk (7.62/5.45). I've maybe put 200-250 rounds through it, and was considering ordering the E4 stock kit from mircotech so it can accept AR mags. There is also a barrel swap kit through microtech, that allows this rifle to shoot 300 blackout. I am the second owner, and beside some marks behind the ejection port from the mantacore brass deflector this rifle is in excel
  5. Selling a pair of unused, insulated shooters gloves. I never used these, and am trying to clean up my garage. These are size medium. $25 shipped
  6. it simply isn't installing a PG, you are moving the trigger parts forward. but whatever, you guys do what you want. I've done many my friend, I know whats involved. But in my mechanical field removing rivets, isnt a big deal. I also accept ammo as payment for certain "jobs"
  7. Installing a pistol grip is hardly gunsmithing, I usually do them for free parts and shipping provided.
  8. How does the sight mount, screws? I'll take it by the way, just need your paypal.
  9. This thing has lasted through 100s of rounds supporting my vfg, and never once come loose. Thinking about switching to something else, its in good shape and only shows light wear. Here are pics on the S12, will post better pics after I get back in town. $75 obo
  10. Thanks for everyones help, I just purchased one from Greg after the owner of the rifle said he'd cover it.
  11. I'm a little sad you all decided to do the conversion yourself, I was looking forward to doing it for you.
  12. I want to re-iterate I am covering the shipping, all you will need to cover is the transfer fee on your end. This is an obo price I am able to negotiate a little.
  13. Thanks Turtle I finally got around to doing this tonight and it looks great.
  14. A price might help, I would say I'm looking for around 1400 obo. shipped.
  15. I'm considering selling DPMS Panther oracle 7.62x51 AR-10. What's included is as follows: Troy BattleRail MRF-308 13.8" - Black - DPMS Low Profile Troy low profile gas block (2) Magpul Pmags (2) DPMS steel mags (unused) Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50 scope Burris PEPR mount Magpul angled forgrip DPMS Hard case ^^ Buddy modeling it. I have put a little over 100 rounds through this rifle, it has never malfunctioned. I just need something more compact and easier on the recoil so my wife can feel comfortable using it while I'm deployed. I have fired winchester, remington, PMC, Tula through
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