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  1. I'm looking to sell or trade my OD green Tapco saw grip and Magpul MOE commercial stock, for a black set. I'll take $50 shipped for the stock and $15 shipped for the grip otherwise. Both are in good shape.
  2. Got my buddies .223 all but converted and the BHO spring went flying through my garage, I would order one from Greg but $8 for a $3 spring is a bit steep when I'm doing the conversion for free. I would like to pay around $5 shipped. Thanks
  3. I recently purchased a .45 XD and no longer need this, I have only shot it twice at the range without one malfunction. The model number is SW9VE, I like it because it has a heavier trigger spring(which can be remedied easily if need be). I am willing to sell face to face or can do a FFL transfer. I bought this used and what I got was the pistol one magazine and a ambi holster. I will also be including a laserlyte picatinny rail adapter as this pistol comes with a proprietary rail for use with a S&W light, and a brownell's replacement guide rod with spring. I'm looking for $260, this would
  4. Went to a local gunshow today hoping to see one, got to the end to find an old man with one in his walker's basket. He wanted $500 for it, after showing him the price they go for new he said he'd take $450. Are these the new S12?
  5. I have cash in hand gentleman.
  6. As the title says I'm looking for a plain jane regular length draco pistol, just about everyone is out of stock. And most of them have weird FFL requirements. I'de really like to pay around the cost they normally go for($350ish), don't mind if its used as long as it's in good shape.
  7. ^^ That reminds me off the VSS sniper rifle. HK G11 and the XM8, very odd looking.
  8. For sale is a Charter Arms .38 special with wood grip, I would like $300 shipped obo or a Saiga .308. I am selling this for a fellow military member, and will have a target from the range shortly to show accuracy.
  9. What I was replying to was the retort to my previous coment, there seems to be certain individuals in the U.S. who seem to feel the military just goes and starts wars with other countries on a whim.
  10. I've been in the last 8.5 years, I consider myself somewhat of a subject matter expert.
  11. Dammit Corbin why did you have to take all the clear ones. I hope you and your family are well GPD.
  12. What is it with people who hate the military; we don't make the big decisions, just follow orders.
  13. I ain't laughing, those boys have been fighting and know what works and what doesn't. Give'im a real mag coupler and he'll use it. I wasnt dogging him for it, I was giving him props. Looks like he would have no problem flipping out that underfolder.
  14. I media blasted mine with plastic media, came out fine.
  15. I'm not very fond of that, but I would like to know how to get that weathered look like one of the dracos in the picture thread.
  16. Might as well come down to goldsboro.
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