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  1. I see lot of you all using the ladder type rail covers, what brand are you all suing and are they comfortable?
  2. I know for a fact OSI investigates stuff off base, both here and overseas. I have quite a few OSI friends.
  3. OSI isnt just regular AF, they dont have to wear thier rank on thier uniforms and wear an additional name tape over their last name that says "special agent".
  4. ^^ The T44 was an experimental rifle, unless they are talking about the taurus 44. BFBC2 also features the 20k with an option to use slugs which somehow makes it a 12 ga. That video does look amazing, and I will be getting it at 2400 the day before it releases. I will make sure I get into the beta in Sep also.
  5. Reminds me of one of my friends more recent facebook posts, he mentioned that New Balance is the only US made sneaker. To which I HAD to reply, " Thats why the economy is tanking right now, we've shipped all our jobs overseas to save a buck. And now we're paying for it."
  6. This reminds me, next time I qualify with the M16 I'm bringing my own ammo. The stuff they make us shoot is not only filthy, I am convinced it affects my groups.
  7. I bought this A year or so ago and since have upgraded my internet with a modem/router combo from the cable company. I had zero problems with this router, It has only had about two months of use. Comes with the setup disc, LAN cable and power cord. There a few surface scratches on the casing but it works flawlessly. I'd like $45 obo shipped for this. Here's the data sheet: Linksys ModelWRT160N Spec StandardsIEEE 802.11b/g/n SecurityWEP, PSK, PSK2 Security key bits: 128-bit, 256-bit WPA/WPA2No Ports1 x 10/100M WAN; 4 x 10/100M LAN LEDsPower, Ethernet(1-4), Internet, Wire
  8. Allura sure know how to handle that weapon, I really like how she reached underneath and charged it. I missed the second video, do you work with Blackheart? I work with a guy in my shop who has a family member or relative that works with them.
  9. I have decided this will be my next weapon purchase, here is a few pics of one I found that I really like. Not sure I will put different color furniture on it or the same grip, but it looks like exactly the type of setup I'm looking for. I'm still on the fence on whether I should get the krebs threaded rear trunnion or have someone tap and thread the stock one for a sling. I have decided I do want the ultimak gas tube so I can co witness like corbin, I'm sure I could send it to one of you to bandsaw it to the right size for me for a fee. I will also be having Pauly polish the bolt, and un
  10. I have no input on the difference of the two weapon systems, BUT my friend has a mini 14 and the iron sights in are dead on at 100+ meters. I love shooting it, the owner gets mad because I hit the steel gong with it every time I fire it.
  11. http://aa-ok.com/plunger-rod-for-ak47-rpk-recoil-spring.html http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php?cat=310 Hopefully one of those can be used.
  12. Nice this would be a BA addition to my soon to be draco or AMD-65.
  13. Next time I'm in MT visiting my inlaws Ill look you up, I'd really like the original gadsden flag or Ben's original "Join, or die" design on my arm.
  14. The "leaked" BF3 alpha gameplay can be found on youtube, looks amazing.
  15. Have pauly polish your bolt/carrier you wont have any fte or other problems.
  16. Your going to need a shadow box, I'm pretty sure any/all the medals should be able to be ordered online.
  17. My nextdoor neighbor is looking for a judge like this, Ill tell him about it and see if he's willing to get it. That 9mm is a nice looking pistol, If I had the money myself I would get the .223 and that beaut.
  18. I live in N.C. and this is what I have, 100% legal.
  19. I'm glad this guy can live off my tax dollars without even trying to get a job, while my completely disabled child cannot recieve disability because "I make too much money".
  20. What if the review of the product is negative, will that still count?
  21. I should have mine installed here shortly, and Ill let you know.
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