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  1. The factory mag is a 5 rounder, so that may be why your tension is alot higher than the 10 round mag. Have your looked to see how many gas ports your have and how big they are?
  2. Yes anyone who couldn't spot this is fake, is plain old...well you know. Here you go: More Seal pics:
  3. I thought you were already home.

  4. Here's mine, didn't see the need to make a build thread as mine is no different than a majority of others on the site. The rundown: TN Guns IZ-108 Bead blasted Receiver/Barrel coated in Eastwood textured black RAM DIY trigger guard Pauly's glass bolt service (The bolt/carrier and FCG looked so nice I almost didn't install them ) Tapco FCG (also modded by Pauly) CAA Polymer stock tube Tapco Saw grip O.D. Green Magpul MOE buttstock O.D. green CSS performance puck CSS Gunfixer gas knob JTE Performance main spring Cadiz gunworks gas piston tube (not installed yet, waitin
  5. Screw on: http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-266/Tromix-Saiga-Ak47-extended/Detail
  6. ^^ I believe he's referring to the safety selector, the video tells you to grind the part farthest from the switch. I did this also with a grinding wheel, took a 60 seconds to grind it down, went in like a champ. Only problem I had was the BHO spring, it was being a little beyotch. Mine looks pretty close to yours, congrats to you and Greg. Another S12 converted thanks to CSS.
  7. ^^ I've got a buddy who is dating a girl up there, I just finished my conversion...too easy.
  8. Bought everything I needed for my conversion, and used his videos to complete it. Took an hour.
  9. ^^I second this, I have one but would probably not beat Greg.
  10. Do you have a VSS or just the picture in your avatar?

  11. Wouldnt it just be easier to use the Krebs safety lever, or does it not allow for enough room to strip a round off?
  12. While I found him to be funny, the news I am hearing/reading says he was wasted and driving at a high rate of speed. The only person I feel sorry for in this situation is the passenger.
  13. Stationed in NC, but I'm from Sarasota.
  14. S12 in Goldsboro here, 45-50 mins south of Raleigh, we have two ranges here if you local guys want to come by and unload some brass.
  15. Okay as long as your bolt/carrier isnt hanging up on it.
  16. Also for the rear bolt in the trigger guard I would remove the spacer and put a washer in its place. That's how my RAM trigger guard is.
  17. You are correct it says: "12 gauge sabot round that sacrifices power for long rang accuracy".
  18. Theres a few auctions for some matte nylon hole plugs on ebay, 50-100 of em for under $10.
  19. Looking for a Chaos quad extended rail in good shape, doesn't have to be perfect as I will be coating it (OD green). With or without the sights is fine, I wouldn't mind having a set.
  20. I had zero problems using a 3/16 drill bit on an electric drill from the inside, used a pin punch to start it. Then drilled through no problems, My trigger gaurd and plate are still in perfect shape.
  21. Technically it's the 20k. I know this because I have over 400 kills with it. My BFBC2 Stats Ahh you are correct Im not sure why I thought it was the 12 ga., it is in fact a 20 ga. My gamertag on xbox is the same as my login here, I have 276 kills with the Saiga I prefer the USAS-12 if I am running around with a shotgun. CPF: I think its still a 20 ga with the sabot rounds.
  22. I would also like to know if anyone here does duracoat.
  23. BFBC2 has the Saiga 12k in it, I'm glad to be able to play an "actual" battlefield game on console. Even if I were to buy the PC version, I would still be using my xbox controller.
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