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  1. I can't wait for thsi to come out, I gave up MW2 for BFBC2 and while I did purchase Blops I went right back to BFBC2. COD games just dont have the type of destruction I require in a FPS anymore, they are going to have to do better than cars/trucks blowing up.
  2. I am stationed in the Carolinas, so it felt only natural to order from a place thats local to me. Any questions I've had Greg has answered right away, and my purchases come lightning quick. I can't wait to make my next purchase from CSS.
  3. Would these work with a Chaos rail? http://www.robertrtg.com/416sights.html
  4. This is good to hear, I willbe ordering mine as soon as I get my bolt/carrier back from Pauly.
  5. I did this today before throwing it into the blasting cabinet, how do you remove the sight post the pin does through?
  6. Dammit why couldn't you have posted this a couple of days ago, I live right outside Raleigh. And while the price was technically lower than this, I'm sure taxes will put me over it. Free bump.
  7. SOLD!! I'm selling the S-20 I bought a few days ago, I bought in in new condition from a local gun shop and have never fired it. I was going to do a full conversion on it and keep it around for home defense/3 gun type events, but I just won an auction on a S-12 and do not have the need for both (nor the money to convert them both). I do have this listed on gunbroker, I am just trying to get back what I paid for it nothing more nothing less. I will throw in the two boxes of remington express 3 buck I bought with it, if I get my asking price. Again I would be perfectly content keeping it,
  8. I wear the Oakley D2, I dont think they make it anymore but you can probably get one from somewhere. It's been through all kids of field training and four deployments. http://www.oakley.com/products/1300/2894
  9. I'm in NC so not too far to ship I;ll take a look(I might part with mine as I haven't touched it since I bought it), if you could get them down to $700 for a S12 bare bones I would buy it.
  10. Willing to hook me up with the $679 price?
  11. I can get a S20 if you need one locally.
  12. Does the T6 have an angle to it when installed?
  13. If this is why your glass service went up in price, it is definitely worth it. I will be sending my assy to you as soon as I get back to the states.
  14. I still intend on converting my S12 with the tapco FCG, I try to double at the range when I'm qualifying as often as I can. It pisses off the Cadres, if you dont pull the M16 trigger fully to the rear it will do this (double) consistantly.
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