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  1. Instead of getting a new Saiga with dimples, anybody tried welding or gluing in a shim to limit side to side movement of the mags?


    I made some shims out of Delrin and adhered them in place with Loctite adhesive. The have been in place for 4 yers now. I can't remember the exact Loctite number I used but it was a cyanoacrylate. Checkout Loctite #454 or #410. I used #770 primer on the surfaces first then I adhered them in place and put a magazine in and left it to cure for a day.


    I called Loctite tech support and told them what I was doing. They gave me the numbers and sent me samples of each product.

  2. looks evil.

    i like it.

    the polished bolt really brings out the blackness of the rest of it.


    The bolt isn't polished. It's actually finished in the same material as the rest of the rifle only in silver. It's a baked enamel type of finish.

    What brand did you use? I'm thinking that's a better option than bead-blasting for me.

    No worries about rust or buying the blasting equipment. :super:


    Nice setup!


    It was finished at AK- USA.

  3. ak01g, I've got a few questions if you don't mind answering. Is that the original front sight assembly with a Krinkoff style flash hider welded on? Or is that a completely different front sight assembly that can take 24mm flash hiders? Never mind. I saw the close up picture. Nice configuration!



    It's the original FSB with an adapter welded onto it. The compensator was then screwed onto the adapter and (unfortunately because it was done before Sept 2004) the compensator was welded onto the adapter.

  4. looks evil.

    i like it.

    the polished bolt really brings out the blackness of the rest of it.


    The bolt isn't polished. It's actually finished in the same material as the rest of the rifle only in silver. It's a baked enamel type of finish.

  5. I've seen folks with this type of bipod before: Who makes it and where can I get one? How do folks like it?






    It's a Harris brand. You can get them most anywhere. It's nice but I don't use it much, I get better accuracy by hand.

  6. Im not sure if my saiga .410 I bought today is semi-autoor not, i bought it at a gun show, and the guy that sold it to me said it was, but I dont know about him because he also told me it only took 2 1/2" shells, and I figure out that the 76mm on the mag means 3"!!, but yea is there any way to physically tell if mine is semi auto or hand operated just by looking?


    I've not heard of a Saiga that was anything other than a semi-auto, that's the way their designed. Take off the top cover and remove the bolt carrier. Is there a piston attached to it? If so then you're on your way.

  7. Does anyone know which is the right top cover for the Saiga? The ones on mine fit very tightly to the receiver with no movement or flex. I want to add a Williams peep sight but want the option to go back to the original. Is there a source for original Saiga top covers? Thanks.


    The RPK top cover from K-Var is the same as the original Saiga. It has no ribbing and is a little thicker.



  8. From a manufacturers point of view, anything other than what they already have is not economically or practically feasable. The 308 is built as a hunting or sporting weapon it is not a military weapon for the manufacturer so why would it need a hi-cap mag. Additionally, the mag is single stack and somewhat tapered at the front and therefore so is the magwell in the rifle. Hi-cap 308 mags (M1A1, AR10) are more of a box and are double stack. It would be a major undertaking to convert this rifle (if at all) to take double stack mags, which is really the only practical way to have a hi-cap mag in this weapon. Just my two cents.

  9. If you want to know when the 308 will be available here's what you do. Call sharon Bell at EAA and ask her when the Saiga 308's will be coming. When I wanted one I called her and I kept in touch with her for about 6 months until the last batch came in. She will tell you what she has on order and when the boat is due in. Just keep in contact with her and you will know the latest. Hell, when she told me they had arrived I called CDNN and told them what I knew cuz they hadn't even heard about it yet. Here's the contact info:


    European American Armory Corp.

    P.O. Box 1299

    Sharpes, Fl 32959

    (321) 639-4842

    (800) 536-4442


    Sharon Bell 226

  10. I bought a G2 double claw and was a bit surprized to find it provided trigger slap. I thought it would be nice to try a double claw but now I'm wondering if it would be safe to remove a smidge of medal from the top of the claws to reduce the slap some? It's not much, mind ya, but I have no slap with a G2 single claw in my other rifle. Any thoughts?

    If your AK originally had a single hook then you have to cut out the slot in the trigger opening of the receiver to accomodate the extra hook. Chinese AK's (MAK90) usually come with double hook FCG's but most European AK's do not. The hook is not the usual cause of trigger slap, the disconnector is. This won't be the cause with your G2 as it has the correct dimensions.

  11. I'd do it myself seeing that is isn't very difficult with a few basic tools and the Shiek has up the website with all the peerdy pics and info. My problem is I find myself returning to AKUSA's website to stare at their finished product. $1000 is way over my gun budget but..but..but.. I can't stop thinking about going for it.

    Too bad you didn't get one a couple years ago. My AK103 cost $595.00


    :haha: Just teasing

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