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    bullet guide

    The Bulgarian bullet guide fits the Russian Saiga!
  2. Yes, I keep it in my pants. Do you want to register it?
  3. You have some work ahead of you. The barrel is turned down to make a step under the FSB. Additionally there is a sleeve between the FSB and the barrel. You will have to remove to pins that hold the FSB onto the barrel and remove the sleeve. Then you can turn the barrel down the appropriate amount for an additional 1/2 inch so that you can move the FSB back onto the barrel. You will have to then add the grooves in the barrel for the retaining pins. This is assuming that you have the barrel removed from the front trunnion/receiver so that you can put it on a lathe. Hint: welding is easier.
  4. The person you need to talk to at EAA is Sharon Bell (ext. 226) If the information is available she will know.
  5. I shoot left-handed (eye). All I own is AK's. I've never been hit by an ejected case. It's the person to my right that gets hit!
  6. A bolt hold open as you described would be most desireable but with practice you can put a loaded mag in with no problem. There is a knack to it but once you got it - you got it.
  7. The windage adjustable rear sight is available from K-Var or Inter-Ordnance. K-Var's is Bulgarian and Inter-Ordnance is East German (which is really Russian I think).
  8. Private Joker, you're not a writer - you're a killer!
  9. I buy my ammo from Dan's sports. He carries Barnaul and I like it better than Wolf because I have a little less cleaning to do and it is a little more accurate IMHO. Also Dan's price includes shipping (east of the Miss.)
  10. Everything is in limbo it appears. I have faith in Makc though. He's a good guy and is probably just as anxious as the rest of us to see these accessories. Probably more so since it's his baby!
  11. Since most of us don't live in Africa and we are talking about a Saiga 12ga shotgun, your comment doesn't mean too much here!
  12. I have a couple of things for you to consider: First, when the FCG is moved back to the original "AK" position it will be out of reach. I don't see how you can scale down the buttstock to make the FCG reachable. You would have to make it so the grip part of the buttstock is in the "pistol grip" position and that is not possible with the original stock. Second, not too many people in the know believe that the ban will be allowed to sunset without some further legislation. If that becomes the case your fix will have to be either a permanent condition or reversable to the original configuration. Third, the trigger lever is riveted in place. If you want to move it to the original "AK" position you must drill out the rivet. Once you do that you will not have a replacement part option to put it back in if that becomes necessary.
  13. ak01q

    Saiga 12ga.

    Hell yes it's true. My son has an 870 and I have the Saiga 12. I had never shot his gun but when I got my Saiga we went out shooting and I let him try mine and I tried his. I was use to the Saiga and when I pulled to trigger on his 870 I didn't expect the extra kick it had over the Saiga. Needless to say I prefer the Saiga, it is way more comfortable to shoot. Get the Saiga especially if you already have a 12ga. That way you won't have to deal with multiple ammo types.
  14. The 308 is more along the lines of a hunting/sniping rifle. If you want to convert it, you can. The 308 is a 7.62x51 or 7.62 NATO. I can reach out and touch someone or something. It is more accurate and your shooting experience will more along the lines of a marksman than a grunt.
  15. ak01q


    Just out of curiosity, I there any legal ramifications to this mod?
  16. Bossman, Which particular Harris bipod model is that?
  17. ak01q

    Saiga 308

    I would expect this to happen. It does all the time on my AK's. You can't reload Berdan primed .308 ammo and most of the surplus ammo is so that shouldn't matter. Most of the ejected cases hit on the upper part of the opening of the receiver cover. Sorry.
  18. OK boys my .308 is about to get converted. It will be a cross between an RPK and a Dragunov with a twist. I have a little secret planned for the compensator that should turn some heads. Stay tunned for further developments.
  19. They screw onto a FSB that has 24mm threads. IF you do not have a FSB with 24mm threads, they sell three adapters that fit onto the barrel end and then the brake screws onto the adapter.
  20. I have been following this for months now. Finally here. I ordered one in wood.
  21. USMC_LB, I respect your positive attitude that the AWB will sunset, and I hope that it will. I feel that congress will re-enact it with stronger restrictions. Dianne Feinstein willbe right there to push for more restrictions and being an election year, the Republicans will probably fade into the background so as to not lose votes. Here is an interesting arrticle called "China Gate" for those who have not seen it. China_Gate.txt
  22. ak01q

    Gun & Knife Show

    I went to the gun & knife show today. There was a vendor there that had every kind of magazine imaginable. He asked me if he could help me, to which I said I was just looking but did he have any Saiga 12 mags. He went to a case and pulled out a 5 rounder and handed it my way. The price on it was $35.00. I said "whoa, no thank you" and walked away. He just put it back in the case to await some unknowing sucker.
  23. ak01q

    Kalinka Optics

    And we're patiently waiting!
  24. ak01q

    Grip anyone?

    I see in the large picture the Russian factory markings.
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