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  1. ak01q

    Grip anyone?

    Very interesting, I assume it is made for the Saiga 12 since it looks like it fits onto the receiver like a buttstock.
  2. Look at this thread that I started about Saiga 12 Mags http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=234
  3. ak01q

    Magazine Price Check

    Does anyone else have a source for mags that they want to share? Surely there are more places that carry these magazines, regardless of price.
  4. Yes, very good news. In case you haven't heard it, thanks a lot for all your work here!
  5. Makc, I'm glad I read this post about the laser sight. I was surprised to find information about the front sights/compensators here.
  6. ak01q

    Magazine Price Check

    Not any more. I called before I started this post and they did not have any mags left. I asked if they were going to get any more and the rep said he didn't think so.
  7. Guys, Let's get some information on the availability and prices of Saiga 12 magazines. It doesn't matter what configuration. Here's a start. 5rnd EAA - $35.00 CDNN - $23.99
  8. Yes, it looks great. Now back to what's really important, did you ever get the parts we need to do this?
  9. I'm sure you will have NO problem selling five of them. How about those elusive AK sights and compensators? Are they coming back with you? Thanks.
  10. ak01q

    Cobra sight ?

    I have two Kobra's. They are fantastic as fast acquisition sights on my AK's but aside from looking cool on a Saiga 12 are un-necessary when firing shot. I suppose if you are shooting slugs it may be of some use.
  11. There are two chokes (Modified & full) and a thread protector available for the Saiga 12. Your Saiga probably came with a 0.0 adapter (Improved cylinder). All are available from EAA. Call (321) 639-4842 ex226 (Sharon). http://www.eaacorp.com/parts/saigaaccessor...ies/index.shtml
  12. Yeah, you have to clean the piston before you use it. My piston was fairly well gunked up out of the box. I'm glad I am curious and usually dis-mantle everything I get before I use it. Taking the regulator out is a snap, just have to hold that damn dowel pin down.
  13. ak01q


    Every time I send an email to EAA I get the same type of response. Whoever answers emails at EAA must be in a hurry. I have learned to ask only one question per email.
  14. ak01q

    changing mags

    SaltPeter, I am interested, do you use the Saiga12 while OTJ? I got the impression you do because you have mentioned several times about being "under high stress" AK01Q
  15. I agree, Chris has done all my builds.
  16. This is what I'm talkin' about! Yeah Baby. Bring em home to us Makc.
  17. ak01q

    My new toy!

    Hey how can you have a shotgun with a pg? Are you offshore or leo? Lol
  18. It's the bolt catch to hold it in the open position.
  19. Makc, What is the latest on the Elevated Sight & Compensator? Have they been produced? Are they in transit, held up in customs? Any info would be welcome. Thanks.
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