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  1. there is a review video out already? do you happen to have the link? Thanks!
  2. http://www.cncwarrior.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=26248 has anybody tried one? How much flash is visible in low light?
  3. I suppose you will say the same about a FAL as well......? Does that mean instant collectability on these V02's?
  4. I might have to bite again at Centerfire Systems.com
  5. Deal alert..... (though not a Vepr) JGSales has Zastava M77PS with three 10rd mags for $599. This is the 20" 308 caliber with thumbhole stock. The lowest price I have seen on a M77PS, especially when you consider it will come with 3 mags ( normally two). http://www.jgsales.com/yugo-m77ps-pap-ak-rpk-style-rifle,-308,-with-black-synthetic-stock,-3-mags.-p-63103.html The good: -- two position adjustable gas. -- Yugo style heavy build, nice hot blue finish. The not so good: -- bore is not chrome-lined. -- Yugo scope rail, AK side-mount might not fit without modification. -- sla
  6. picked up mine today. The thing is surprisingly light, well balanced I guess, feels about the same weight as a x39 ak. Metal finishing/machining is good, a little better than my S-12. Wood wise, the handguard is in "almost done" condition just needing light sanding and final finishing. The stock has nice grain on one side, does have a couple of small knots (one will requires a little filling). It already has the basic shape, shouldn't need too much sanding if I want to finish it. BUT!... there is no butt plate and grip plate..... Anybody know where I can get them from? Probabl
  7. My Vepr has been delivered to the shop, according to the UPS tracking system..... will probably pick it up tomorrow.
  8. I remember years ago (and that was before Y2K) when Vepr first came into the country, the 308 was already $600. That was the slant back poly stock version. It is hard to believe almost 15 years later we can buy square-back V308 for the same price.
  9. The only drawback I can see is the "unfinished" wood furniture, I suspect the sale ones have damaged wood pieces, hence the sale. That won't bother me a bit though, I plan to install poly handguard and folding stock anyway, so the wood won't stay on the rifle. IMO if they wan to keep the Vepr as a hunting rifle with wood stock, the slant back design is indeed better for installing a wood stock. The square back style wood stock probably won't be too durable, at least on the heavy recoil models. The $599 price is about as good as it has ever been on a 308 Vepr, it was too difficult to
  10. http://centerfiresystems.com/VSB308-20-02.aspx either gun sales are super slow, or, there will be more square-back Vepr's coming in with finished furniture.....
  11. an accuracy review please, if possible?
  12. considering the G2 cost around $30, the 10rd to 20rd mag upgrade another $20, and if I remembered right, centerfire charges 3% credit card fee.....classic's price is about as good as the centerfire's "sale" price. Too bad they are also out of 20" V02....
  13. from classicarms? what FCG did they install (for the hi-cap conversion)?
  14. Thanks for the heads-up. The 308 is the only caliber I am eyeing, though (the smaller calibers require conversion, no?)
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