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    Arsenal SGL-21 Has "Mil Spec" Barrel?

    The factors that could contribute to this claim would be a better steel alloy, barrel steel density from more hammering or more intense hammering on the mandrel, and a more uniform bore which could result from a more precise mandrel surface. Most people will have no way of checking whether the steel alloy of the barrel is any different than the other. Are they hammered into a denser steel? A rockwell hardness test might work but who might have this tool on hand and is willing to test both barrel types? Is the bore more uniform? Does anyone have a very good bore analysis scope and know what to look for? This is what would need to be checked and even most gunsmiths are not specialists in these areas. I have not seen any public documents from Arsenal that even attempt to make these claims and would like to know how Chris Butler came to know this Until I see any solid proof otherwise, I can't believe that the SGL barrels are made of inferior steel or of an inferior process. Probably just a typo on your part, but the claim is that the SGL has a superior barrel on it, not the other way around. I tend to think this is BS......
  2. Torqued

    Arsenal SGL-21 Has "Mil Spec" Barrel?

    Which specific components are being compared? I'm not sure if the barrel comment is trying to imply that the sporter saiga barrels are less reliable or less durable? Perhaps the fuss is really about being reconfigured differently like without a chamber step and with a retainer, lugs, and threaded front sight block. However, just because it is reconfigured differently, does not mean the sporter version is made from inferior steel, inferior forging applications, inferior chrome lining, inferior stampings, inferior riveting, or inferior alignment. The quality control level should be exactly the same for both types. He seemed to indicate that the barrel itself was inferior, and that this "mil spec" barrel would shoot .5" groups (obviously he saying its more accurate). If they are indeed using higher "grade" barrels, it might be worth the cost, but if this guy is just blowing smoke, I would like to know that as well.
  3. Torqued

    Arsenal SGL-21 Has "Mil Spec" Barrel?

    I guess he was told by Chris Butler.....This is coming straight from Arsenal.
  4. A buddy of mine is being told that the $800 SGL-21 hes buying from Arsenal has a different "Mil Spec" barrel than the rest of the Saiga's coming from Russia. Hes being told by them that the barrels on the Saiga's come from a different line than the mil spec rifles are run on. I think this sounds a little fishy to me, since most here seem to indicate that while Arsenal builds a good rifle, Ive never heard they actually use higher grade compoenents from Russia. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
  5. Torqued

    Winchester Bulk Pack 1325 FPS

    I find that even the Winchester Xpert likes to have pretty significant feeding problems. I attribute this to the "uneven" lip around the tip of the shell. It likes to catch more than other smoother tipped shells in the extraction slot. The hull also seems to be soft. I find federal is significantly more reliable. It also costs the same....
  6. Torqued

    NEW STOCK!!! (Beta Version)

    that thing is fugly
  7. Im in for a US made one, but not for $800+.
  8. Torqued

    Saiga 12 and &.7.62

    I had never done one either before a few months ago, and did both mine and my buddy's gun. Both conversions came out great. its really not a difficult process at all. Just take your time while drilling/grinding to not damage your reciever by scratching it etc. You will need to repaint the receiver anyway, so even if you do, it will be masked. Like mentioned above, you will know that gun inside and out by the time your done. its worth it just for that alone.
  9. Torqued

    S12 FTF - rim getting caught on front trunnion

    Ahh, I see, I thought you were working on the right side where you can see some friction has occured. Last night I put some shells in the mag, with the bolt removed and tried to push the shell in manually, and it was catching between the two, pending the shell feed angle. Should the rim of the shell fit between the tight spot no matter what angle? Meaning, should those choke points be wide enough to pass the rim of the shell regardless, or is it meant to be tight if the shell does not come through at the right angle?
  10. Torqued

    Gas port modifications for light loads?

    I will note, I did NOT use the vid. Removed my block and drilled at 45....
  11. Torqued

    S12 FTF - rim getting caught on front trunnion

    I had this exact same problem that Tonys repair of my feed foot still has not fixed 100%. Could you circle and describe in a tad more detail, so I can check my s12 to see if mine has same issue.
  12. Torqued

    Gas port modifications for light loads?

    I did it on my drill press. Made a significant difference.
  13. Torqued

    2 tone finish....need advice and opinions!!!

    Holy shit, that rear rail system cost $300 w/out the front sight. NO THANKS! Its a nice feature, but not worth even remotely close to $300. It would need to have a blowjob attachment to approach the $300 mark. lol
  14. Torqued

    2 tone finish....need advice and opinions!!!

    Not chrome but nickel plated, TAC47 build: Z OK, where do I get that rail and front sight... that is a nice setup!
  15. Torqued

    Bad FTF problem!!!

    Hey Tony! First let me say thx! Like I said, Im perfectly happy with the job you did, and the only ammo I had issues with was the Winchester Xpert. The Federal ran perfectly. The one thing i did have to touch up was after you re-profiled the "ramp", behind where you added the metal, it was very sharp, and was actually slicing the hell out of the shells. I just filed the sharp edge off the side and now its good to go. Im not going to sweat the gun not running Winch perfectly, and given some more break in time, I think t may be fine too. Tombs, If you read the whole thread, I already linked to the "guide", which shows you to do exactly what I did on the throat. Check it here ---> http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=40501 I didnt do that because I thought I knew what I was doing. I did it thinking the dude telling me what to do DID know. Regardless, the throat has nothing to do with the issue I had with the feed foot. Either way, like I said, the gun shot my federal ammunition flawlessly, so Im not messing with anything until that situation changes. Tony, Thx again!