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  1. The NHM-91 can be easily brought back to life with a few parts:
  2. I noticed this too, but was afraid to ask. I figured there was a spcific reason why he had only loaded 19 rounds into the mag, and that the answer would just make me feel stupid. I did not even notice the number of rounds, you're absolutely correct!! I ran each mag with 20 (so I thought). Guess I will be going to the range again this weekend! :-) Troy
  3. All, I received two additional magazine bodies from FBMG to finish my review. Decided not to go to the Troy Ohio Fish & Game, and just take a short trip to the Spring Valley Range. Although Spring Valley is a very nice range, I don't normally go there due to the "Range Nazis" when it comes to rapid firing, etc. Anyway, the weather was beautiful.....cold with sunshine, around 35 degrees with a light wind. I got set up and took my time. I decided to warm up the Saiga .308 rifle with a couple of loads out of the factory 8-Round magazine. This would serve two purposes: 1.
  4. I conducted Part Two of this review at the Troy Ohio Fish & Game Firing Range. I utilized some surplus Indian .308 ammo that I had acquired about three years ago and shot a total of around 60-70 rounds. I was pressed for time and had to cut the range-time short. The test weapon was a Saiga 16" Sporter Rifle that had been retrofitted to MilSpec AK configuration by In Range of Kodak Tennessee. I loaded 10 rounds initially and experienced no difficulty with the magazine: Loading 10 rounds into the FBMG 20-Round Saiga Magazine I then fired 10 rounds with no jams: Fi
  5. First, let me say that I have been waiting a very long time for a high capacity magazine to arrive on the market for the Saiga .308 rifle. I remember reading post after post on the Saiga-12 Forum about high capacity magazines...I remember reading multiple threads on multiple boards about converting existing magazines to fit the Saiga .308. Today, the long wait is over...and it looks like every day, every hour, and every minute was worth it... I received one of the first magazines from the great folks at FBMG Incorporated today, and let me say that I am impressed! I remember talkin
  6. The work was done by Troy Sellars of InRange......He's sending me a bill..............I'm scared to look also........... Whatever the cost, it was well worth it.
  7. Guys, Sorry for not getting back to your questions sooner. InRange turned the barrel down in order to get the MilSpec FSB and 24mm Comp to fit. I gotta pic up a cleaning rod and sling to finish up the weapon. Correct, the optic is for a 5.45 rifle.....I just slid it on because it added to the "cool" factor. The receiver was bead blasted to remove unwanted engravings, etc.
  8. All the work was done by In Range of Kodak Tennessee. www.inrangec2.com Moving back to the Dayton Ohio area.
  9. I got "In Ranged" today !!! Thought I would take some photos of before and after: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Phase II (After I move back to Ohio, I will start working on it...)
  10. Sent my Saiga .308 to Troy Sellars of In Range for a retrofit. What I sent to him: Here is the finished product:
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