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    saiga 20 mags from russia

    Just curious, what was the final outcome W/ the Saiga 20 mags from saigaclub.com in Russia? Did they come through, or did it turn out to be a scam site? I have never seen any Saiga 20 mags for sale in the US w/ a capacity of over 5 rounds, & even the 5 round mags are pretty difficult to find at a fair price...
  2. Well, I just received 6 MD drums today from J&G...They still have some left; anyone that has been wanting the best S12 drum made better hop on it as it seems that MD is no more...
  3. Dude...I was not "offended by your price", nor do I think your a 'Pirate'; I was thinking more like "What an Idiot"... Hold onto your drums a bit longer, then; really...The fact that you paid $200 a piece for them is your problem. I say "Yo-Yo as your claims were "So hard to find", which is not so believable at this point in time....Not quite. I didnt dis your marketplace thread on ARFCOM; and NOBODY asked you to post here; AS far as "holding on to yours a bit longer" I believe on ARFCOM you stated in your ad "Sold Locally", (which now your claiming the opposite); which I found hard to believe (sold locally), but figured, as P.T. Barnum said: "Theres a sucker born every minute"...
  4. First I noticed some yo-yo on ARFCOM selling a MD Arms 20 rnd. Saiga 12 drum mag. for $200, claiming "Everyone's out of stock; you know how hard these are to get now"...I thought, B.S.; their all over the place. So I thought I'd go to the MD Arms website to see whats up; website was down. (Yesterday). Website is still down today, and it DOES seem the MD Arms drums are in somewhat short supply... Anybody know whats up? I noticed Mike Davis hasn't posted here since March...I really, really hope something serious hasn't happened in regards to Mike or MD Arms...
  5. Well, the M Model is definately a different animal in comparison to the run of the mill Saiga 223...Receiver thickness is 1.25mm...Barrel is slightly heavier contour & 21" long...It has a thumbhole stock w/ a slant cut receiver (similar; but not identical to a Vepr) & the trigger group is moved forward (actually, in the correct spot) in comparison to your standard saiga 223.
  6. Hi, all. I have a Saiga M Model 03 (21" barrel, wood dragunov style stock, normal AK FCG location), and there is a sleeve in front of the FSB that when you look at the muzzle there is a slight gap between this sleeve & the muzzle...Anyone know if there are any threads under there? It's not spot welded on; I'm wondering if it is attached by a blind pin? Silver solder? It does not look as though it is integral w/ the FSB, as there appears to be a seam between the two of them. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated; as I would love to put a flash-hider on this bitch. Thanks in advance; J.D.
  7. Mr Polytech

    New Saiga, stock mag will not lock up....

    Thanks Pauly! Most appreciated... Just clicked on your website link...Nice work!
  8. Hi all... I just bought a new Saiga 12 (actually my third); but the stock mag that came w/ it will not lock up...I have two other Saiga 12's and have had two Saiga 20's, never had this happen...I have tried 5 other extra Izhmash 5 round S12 mags I have, one of them barely fits and does lock up, but is so tight, look's like I'm gonna' have to do a little work here on the magwell. Just curious, anybody else ever have this issue w/ a new Saiga shotgun?
  9. Mr Polytech

    Gas Regulator Adjustment

    O.K. now, Ya'all got it straight? Position #1 for high brass; if it hangs up; use position #2....
  10. From what I understand, ATF has not been signing import form 6's for Saiga importation (you must have a signed form 6 or your shipment cannot clear customs); due to the 'Sportability' clause in the Federal Firearm importation laws; until they 'resolve' the Saiga question: Which is: "Is it truly a sporting rifle/ shotgun eligible for importation when it is so easily convertible to a 'banned' import configuration?" Not looking good for the future import status of Saigas; shotguns OR rifles; under Eric Holders Dept. of Injustice. If Obama get's re-elected, it will be worse than Klintoon & his sock puppet AG Janet Reno. I bought three S12 IZ 109's & three 21" Saiga .308's back in December when I first got wind of ATF's B.S. I tried to tell people, but they called B.S. on me, so I haven't really said a word till now. Whatever. If you want it, I would buy it for the best price you can find. -Last I looked, Lew Horton's still had more than 50 in stock of the Legion 5.45x39's for $319.95 each. If you have been wanting to convert one; I'd jump on it now...That's about the best price you'l find on one. Everything else has been sky-high since the ATF B.S. w/ the Saiga 12's. RSR had both the 5.45's & .223's for $319 each last month, but they sold out super quick. Our customer rep. (I work in a gun shop) at RSR said that they heard that they probably would not be getting more Saiga's in; but he did not know why.
  11. I wonder whats under the muzzle nut?
  12. Same here, but they told me it would end the importation of ammo due to it being designated a handgun cartridge Isn't that what happened to Chinese steelcore 7.62x39 when Olympic made an AR pistol in that caliber? Something like that anyway. Yes...Thanks to the Olympic Arms AR pistol in 7.62x39, Chinese steelcore officially became 'Handgun Cop Killer Ammo'. This was quite a while ago back during the reign of Herr Klintoon... They have had .223 Dracos all along; just seems like there hasn't been any around really since right before the Obama buying frenzy in the fall of 08'.
  13. Did a trade with Mullet Man. Fast shipping and as described. A+!
  14. Got it- Thanks! Pos. feedback left for the transaction.