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  1. Saiga 030... educating myself now. Looks like it may be a good option. I love my saiga 12. Converted by Pete @ evil black rifle shop. I really like the HK sights. I kept it with the rock and lock so I could use drums. The thing I am really after now is a LRBHO and the straight insert mags. I also like the self regulating gas blocks. I am using the Tac-47 plug and that 'almost' works perfectly. Now that the saiga 030 is on the table, that looks like a good option. The more I think about the prices, the less concerned I am about a couple hundred dollar difference. I probably h
  2. I am almost tempted on the Mach 1 arsenal deal... Still $400 is quite the mark up... Not sure I am that spooked I won't be able to get one (or want it bad enough if I can't). As far as this one here??? :-)
  3. I am looking for and can't find any in stock anywhere. Anyone know of a place where a guy could get my hands on one? I know there is a bunch of panic buying going on. I just want one to complement my saiga 12. Thought about getting in on the pre-orders but decided to wait a few months... A stupid decision in retrospect... If you know of a dealer or have one you'd be willing to part with, let me know. I am not interested in the double price deals. If that is all there is out there, I'll stick to my Saiga and try to get in on the next batch (if there is one). Thanks in advance.
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