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  1. Does the magwell version work with the Vepr 12?
  2. Sorry for the dumb question but what's the reason or advantage of a square back? Also Centerfire Systems has them in stock for $1399 right now in the square back version in case anyone is interested.
  3. It's not screwing anyone over, you're not forced to buy one. It's not gouging either since they cant easily replace their stock at wholesale prices. If these are ever banned you guys will wish you bought one when they were $1500. Lots of people across the gun forums crying because they weren't prepared and didn't buy when they had the chance. This is the price you pay. I did it myself with a Scar 17. Now it may be too late but I put the blame where it belongs, with myself...
  4. I was at SHOT show the last 3 days and only saw one Vepr 12 in the entire place (Wolf booth). Don't know how many are out there but they definitely seem few and far between.
  5. Currently my two favorite guns. My Tromix conversion with my carefully built KAC, LMT, BCM, Colt hybrid SBR
  6. it sure as hell was, wanna fight me? jk it wasnt directed at you Didn't think it was but you never know on these crazy internet forums.
  7. Is your comment supposed to be directed at me? If so, you definitely have the wrong person. I've never posted anything/anywhere that even remotely resembles that accusation.
  8. It was worth every single sec, minute, and month that I waited on my Tromix conversion. Absolutely amazing work by Tony and this is coming from someone who is mostly into the high end ARs (Colt, Noveske, BCM, KAC). Many of the best things in life come through patience and a Tromix is well worth it. As for those who like to do their own conversions, good for you. I'll be doing one myself down the road too. However I'm not egotistical/naive enough to believe that my conversion will be anywhere near Tony's. It's the same with my ARs. I love my own home built one but it's still not on the same lev
  9. Just got mine back from Tromix. Here it is with it's new buddy.
  10. To those trying to get in touch with him, my guess is that he must be out of town. I'm sure he'll contact you soon and I wouldn't worry as there's still plenty of room left. You can also check the thread out on the ak forum where he seems to spend more time and you can see pics of the one he has already converted.
  11. Not in a good way though. Muzzle control is overrated I guess...not to mention the song sucks http://m.worldstarhiphop.com/video.php?v=wshh0Y1dS9KP3oJ1aezm ETA on second look I think it's a promag 20, not an MD drum.
  12. <br /><br /><br /> That thing is gorgeous! Got any more pics of it and a link to that set you could IM me?
  13. I'll be in for two if it ever works out
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