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  1. I have three brand new in package MD arms 20 round drums for the Saiga 12. These have all three covers with in the packages, smoke, clear and black. These are usually $10 bucks a piece. I want 185 per drum. Shipping not included. I take PP gift or Money order. These are cross posted on several forums and locally. SPF
  2. I have a few parts Im looking to get rid of. I take paypal descreet no fee or 3%. 1. ACE 8.5" stock GREAT condition, looks new- $55 2. Saiga internal stock adapter - $ 30 3. DIY tromix trigger guard - $ 35 4. Pauly's profiled tapco hammer -$ 20 <span rel='lightbox'><img src='http://i45.tinypic.com/s1jkzn.jpg' alt='Posted Image' class='bbc_img' /></span> Ive done deals here without issues, Ill ship usps with tracking. Prices do not include shipping. Buy all parts about with 10% discount at 125 shipped. Items are cross posted.
  3. True there are two, three and even fours out there.
  4. Im browsing it now. Thanks. I just reprinted them.
  5. I havent seen this posted much other than saying it HAS to be done. On guntrust lawyer they state that the Form 1 must be printed on ONE piece of paper, front and back. It cannot be on two pieces of paper. Is this true, or not.
  6. Hmm didnt know there were two. Its not the push button. You shift it one way and its collapses.
  7. I have a very lightly used quad rail from Chaos. and a lightly used Ace folder mech. the folder has only been worked a few times and the rail has no marks on it. Id like 85 for the rail shipped and 55 shipped on the ace folder. Buy both for 130 shipped. I take paypal and Ive also done a few deals on here with out issues. I also have over 20 positive feedbacks on arfcom
  8. Tromix I think posted a nice list that pretty much stated that there isnt much difference in an 8-10" S-12
  9. I know its not just the bbl length. I was wondering where I would measure for OAL.
  10. On the From 1 it states that you need to list OAL. Where would I measure the barrel from? Is it starting at the receiver? Or from the feed ramp?
  11. Im looking to SBS and wondering what peoples builds are. Im looking for a new hand guard and also looking to see the size perspective of some builds. Can you list your size and which hand guard and size of it. Thanks
  12. Where did you get that from? I think Ive seen them on ebay. I have dewey rods, and brushes for my other guns. but the Siaga doesnt need top be fancy. Ill look around to see if I can find that kit.
  13. I cant seem to find a decent rod that I can use on the saiga. Most rod sets have those cheap plastic adapters etc. I know about dewey but I dont see spending that much on a smooth bore shotgun rod. Is there any alternatives out there? The brushes are I think 5/16", right?
  14. I have up for sale a nice IOR LPS scope. Serial number of 02273, with a manufacture date of 1975. This version has Romanian writing on the turrets. You can read a little bit more about them here: http://www.dragunov.net/lps_scope.html I'm looking to get 125 shipped for this scope via pay pal gift option only. Or add in their 4% they take and send it normal pay pal. I have over 15+ feedback on arfcom, 100% 200+ ebay feedback among other forums and paypal verified. If interested PM me here.
  15. None the less here ya go, this is what it looks like. http://www.akfiles.org/forums/showthread.php?t=73189
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