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  1. find yourself a dental "pick" or use an unfolded paper clip to try to poke through each of the ports... if its obstructed you may want to remove the gas block and fix it properly.
  2. Are you guys thinking about making an adapter or insert to fit the Burris FastFire on the AKML mount? If not, does it even seem possible? I think the fastfire as low and far back as possible will make an awesome setup.
  3. alright alright... i wont take it apart. But im still gonna sandblast, parkerize, and moly it. I do it to all of my weapons and this one will be no different;) i can come to terms with leaving the barrel on, but id really like to remove the side rail mount and put it back on after. I know its not painted under it and its killing me to know theres exposed metal (even if its under another piece of metal). Are rivets the only way you guys have reattached the side mount? If so, its looking like i wont get to take that off either.
  4. Im going to sandblast and refinish my saiga 12. I just converted it and dont like the factory or the touch up paint i added. I know most of you guys just sandblast and prep with the barrel attached to the receiver but i would like to detach them as well as the side rail but i dont know how i would put it back on after... can you guys offer some help or guidance?
  5. lmao... i pieced that "kit" together and didnt buy the plugs, but i definitely plan on getting them. I went to home depot and of course they had stopped carrying them. Thanks for the kind words guys.... And in regards to the familiarity of the table i took the pics on, I think this is the pic youre talkin about... its actually the same table and i took the pics in similar positions;) Wish i could take the credit but shes not mine...
  6. Alright... so I finally got to the conversion this past weekend. I ran into a few unexpected issues but thankfully this forum has all the info you could ask for. Its a night and day difference and def worth the effort.
  7. I know all the professionals do sandblasting followed by parkerizing prior to spraying. Do you guys think using glass bead opposed to aluminum oxide will make a difference in that case? From what i understand the parkerizing itself will create the cavitys for the paint to adhere to. I only ask because all the shops around here seem to use glass bead for some reason.
  8. So after a month long fiasco with usps to receive my package... I finally have all my stuff to embark on my conversion. So far ive cleaned out the 4 ports, even though they were pretty perfect as they were. Polished the guiderails, polished and reprofiled the bolt, basically all I have left is to do the hammer and get to it... The Parts: VLTOR Stock Adapter CSS AR15 Trigger Guard Tromix Modified G2 V-Plug Universal Retaining Plate JTE Hammer Spring Magpul Mog Grip Magpul CTR Stock Magpul Recoil Pad
  9. I just recently got some 12 round SGM mags... I bought 2 from one vendor and 2 from another. When comparing them side by side Ive noticed a few differences and havent heard anything about it in the forums. Theyre both regular Saiga mags, not any magwell version. They also look like theyre made out of different kinds of plastic. They both function properly at home but I havent shot them yet. Have you guys seen this? In this pic you can see the different design of the front lip. Here you can see a couple cosmetic differences in logos and wording, as well as the border/header
  10. im shopping for a conversion too. The only part that worries me about these kits is the ar extension tube adapter. Some are made of poly, some are aluminum, but they all mount with a few screws. Ive never messed with one in person and dont know how much play there is and how strong they are. Can anyone chime in?
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