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  1. I'm gone love putting this gun together! So much I went and bought me 3 more just like it!
  2. THE SAIGA IS AN AUTOLOADING RIFLE, it has a buttstock with an adjustable cheek (plastic) and fore end (plastic). The Saiga rifles are intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. The rifles are developed on the base of the venerable Kalashnikov assault rifle and chambered for 7.62x39 and. 223 Rem (5.56x45) and 308ww (7.62x51) cartridges. It not one of those, it is jut a basic semi auto
  3. I got an awesome deal on a tip top shape saiga 100 7.62x39! I just paid 200 bucks for it! This is the first time he was selling anything but oh well! GLAD I GOT IT!!!! well i was going to askyou guys what is the best way to go on making them look like the regular ak! any comments would be thank ful, first saiga i have ever had!
  4. It is simple really, I carry my ak all day when I'm at work on the farm! USMC