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  1. I have to say that it looks like the guy just sorta looked at the people using the S-12 to great effect and said "OH-OH! ME TOO!" without doing ANY research at all.... Then got pissed when it wasnt making him invincible in 3 gun. Against people who know the weapon and practice its manual of arms.... quite funny really. never mind the fact he is comparing a stock unit to freaking race guns.
  2. Got the stock set from Precison Firearms http://www.precision...rms.com/19.html Mine is the Oiled Walnut, the fore grip was made from a repro m1928 foregrip refinished as best I could to match the stock set and mated to a rail riser. The Free float tube is a midwest industries SS-15 gen 2, and while the wood rail covers sound awesome, I got this handgaurd cause it had very few rails other then what I bolt to it, and it is LIGHT (which sounds odd when you look at the rifle cause it LOOKS heavy and IS somewhat, but it balances VERY well... or atleast thats what it seems to me and the peo
  3. Cool, its good to see this thread is still going after all this time, and nice to know so many saigas are out here in NC!
  4. Desolo

    A mild upgrade

    Its been a while since I posted my rather mild conversion, and it is still pretty mild....but much more used LOL I replaced my previous tapco T-6 poly tube with a pignose adapter and external stock block (I know, cut off the tang, but I may one day decide to put on a nice wood stock set like it deserves...) and then took a salvaged ar reciever extension tube and fit an 11oz recoil reducer Id gotten ahold of in a pile of junk a while back inside of the tube, then epoxy sealed it inside. Voila an incredibly hideous stock setup that seems to balance just in front of the mag release. and s
  5. Its been a while since Ive posted on the S12 forums, but figured Id post this just because it seems like something that may be appreciated ( or cringed at LOL) here. It started its life as a lower a friend had and no longer wanted. And for some reason I said "Sure, I'll take it, its not like I will ever bother with an ar otherwise..." And a year and some change later it became this, and ive found I really like the damn thing.... I give you the only AR-15 I'll likely ever own: An older pic from before the sling: and After tracking down an M1907 sling:
  6. That's different.... and indeed it COULD be used by a lefty.... to bad it seems like sacrilege
  7. However, atleast it was like getting two and a half 8 rounders, so that isnt to bad Hell, I want an MD-20 myself one day
  8. Anyone else feel sad looking at that auction and seeing a CRATE of 35 of those 8 rounder's and knowing not one of them is yours? If they sold all of those at 255 buy-it-now like they wanted to it would ALMOST be 9K in mags Luckily I don't think there are that many people burning half the cost of the gun on a single mag....
  9. I seem to remember a thread where Will stated that he has been asked to make a "double barreled three cylinder" gun...... They must be getting a TON of off the wall stuff, and not the good fun kind either... THATS what im referring to, I enjoy the show
  10. I wonder if you could fit a mercury recoil reducer in the hollow tube portion of the stock? That could be neat.
  11. Could always bring the idea to Red Jacket....It has to be better then some of the silly "ideas" he prolly gets sent everyday these days
  12. That's NEAT! I wonder how it compares to the Barret M82? It looks similar... I wish I had the cash for a .50BMG.... and a range to shoot it at
  13. Her whole site is like an infomercial of nonsensical connections....Its childish in the way it is portrayed: "Bad people order NASTY NASTY ARMY STYLE MAGAZINES FROM AMERICA!" and "LOOK, he bought a GUN in his own country! and bought PARTS from the US.... OUR GUN LAWS arent TIGHT ENOUGH!" Never mind the fact he was in EUROPE doing this.... I mean REALLY how long would it have taken him to get a black market AK?!!? it prolly took more effort to get what he had! It never the fault of the sick, child killing psychopath, not ever...its inanimate objects. McCarthy needs to think
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