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  1. That's not how 922® works. You can remove as many part of you want; it's adding evil features (in this case, a thirty-round mag) that gets you in trouble if there are too many foreign parts.
  2. I was pretty skeptical at first, but that site has a whole section of Thermold stuff. Granted, most of it is out of stock, but the 30-round Master Molders in 7.62 are among those that are in stock; many of those that are on backorder are denoted as "MM." It could just be that this retailer is calling them all Thermolds, or just that they're lumping old Thermold-brand stuff in with the Master Molder products. Hmm... I did a little more research with Google Product Search, and there are some other retailers with them, but they all seem to be out of stock, and some indicate that they're made by Thermold Design. I'd just brush these listings off at this point, except that Google didn't know of their existence just a few weeks ago.
  3. I recently stumbled upon this magazine while looking for Saiga .223 magazines. Are these just some fluke of a couple of retailers (the photo is, after all, of a 7.62x39 mag body), or are Master Molder .223 magazines actually coming to the market soon?
  4. http://www.saigastock.com/index.php?main_p...5cc98b0b7e6fd41 I just stumbled upon these. I saw this post a while back, but couldn't find any information about the furniture. Does anyone have any word on where they come from?
  5. Actually, Dinzag has a modified G2 available for the stock .308. The difference between it and the ones he modifies for the .223 and 7.62x39 models is that you use your factory trigger.
  6. As part of a conversion, or for an unconverted rifle?
  7. I'm planning on buying a 20" .223 in the near future as my first centerfire. I want to convert it - hopefully, my anti-gun dad would let me use his Dremel, although buying one for myself wouldn't exactly be a major expense - but I don't know if I'm going to add a bullet guide yet. One of the reasons I'm thinking of not getting the guide is because, while I would like come hi-cap mags, the availability of low-capos is also important to me, and factory and Sure Fire mags would suit my purposes just fine (yes, I know that there are 12-round Galil magazines, but Im not sure of their availability and cost as compared to the Saiga mags). The main reason, though, is because I don't have a drill press. Does anyone know what a gunsmith might charge to install a bullet guide?
  8. Well, the easiest to replace is probably the hanguard; you can get a Tapco Galil-style with a Saiga retainer, or any other handguard and a no-mod retainer from Dinzag. If youj're looking for a more functional replacement, though, Dinzag also offers a modified Tapco G2 FCG that should improve your trigger greatly.
  9. Yes, you still need one more part. The easiest to replace would be the handguard.
  10. I know they're around, but the idea of a 16" model intrigues me a little bit.
  11. While browsing the FBMG site last night, I found this: a 16" Saiga 100 in .30-06. Is this just a typo, or do these things actually exist?
  12. The G2 is a trigger group made by Tapco.
  13. I know you dont't need to replace specific parts. The G2, as I understand, counts as three parts, bringing foreign count down to 12. Replacing the handguard makes it 11. The pistol grip will add a US part, but it's not bringing the foreign count down. Now, I've seen some pictures on this board of converted Saigas with what appears to be the same stock (I know the Bulgarians also made some that look just about identical), AND the original foreign handguard, so I'm wondering if they found some other parts to replace or something.
  14. Well, your avatar is 180 pixels tall. Pretty sure that's why.
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