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  1. KevenW

    MD Arms drum

    Wonder what's going on with mike. He has always had great CS......
  2. Why would he stop his business membership here? Isnt this probably his biggest customer base?
  3. I cant find anything for sell in the estore..
  4. KevenW

    barrel shrouds?

    Seems like the oil on the barrel would get into the bacon
  5. KevenW

    Scorpion grip?

    My brother has a hogue on his rra ar, its ok but i dont care for the thin skinny feel... Thats why i like ergo, they fill up my palm
  6. Maybe you should give me that gun and drum! Wow!!
  7. KevenW

    Scorpion grip?

    Thanks. It looks very similar to the ergogrip design to me other than the more pronounced finger grooves. They both have the palm swell that i really like.
  8. KevenW

    Scorpion grip?

    How are the scorpion grips? Are they rubber coated? I use ergo suregrips on all my ar's and love the rubber feel. Thanks
  9. Thats what i figured thanks
  10. Years ago i was bass fishing in a pond that had big bullfrogs around it. There was a pvc pipe that ran out over the water then turned down into the water and i'd throw a rubber mouse over the pipe and bounce it up and down on the mat of algae that covered the pond. One day a huge bullfrog attacked the rat! I dragged that frog half way across the pond before he let go! Lol that blew my mind.
  11. Do you clean and oil the gas puck? Just curious f it needs oiling then wiping off
  12. That looks like an ak grip best i can tell
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