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    MD V-plug

    Yep, shot it stock with at least a few hundred rounds with a lot of 3" high brass #4 and slugs/buck, as well as bulk ammo before converting. Gave it a good work out on the shoulder. Also, slighty profiled the bolt (scared to cut too much) and polished it. Then changed to the V-plug. I just added a KA puck, so I need to shoot it to see if there's any difference from the stock puck in my gun. I have a bad Marine habit of cleaning my weapons after going to the range and storing back in the safe, I may need to let the gas plug seal up a bit.
  2. AzPatriot

    K-var has FS/GB combos

    How is this still "self regulating" the gas ??
  3. AzPatriot

    AZ Conversion

    If you are looking to do a simple conversion, do it yourself. It's not that hard and there is a ton of information on this forum on how to do it. Also, check out CSS (a business member on this forum) videos on the conversion process. If you have simple tools, you can do it. I ordered the conversion kit from CSS on a friday night and got the parts the following monday. Just my newbie opinon
  4. Too many people like to put their bugger hooks on the bang switch without checking the chamber.
  5. Also, make sure your shooting glasses or sunglasses are ANSI Z71 rated for impacts!
  6. AzPatriot

    K-var has FS/GB combos

    How does it self-adjust? Is the design like a TAC auto plug where it vents overpressure?
  7. AzPatriot

    whats the cheapest ammo your s12 will use?

    While I don't have extensive experience with my S12 (only about 600 rrnds to date), this doesn't seem right. I use brownell's action lube plus on the threads of my v-plug (and stock plug when used) and never noticed any difference on any build up around the threads when pulling apart for inspection/cleaning.
  8. AzPatriot

    saiga 12 article II

    btt tl:dr but there has been progress
  9. AzPatriot


    Never been to Gunsite, but the local LEO's like going there. The ones I've talked to say they get something new from it each time they go, which is about once a year for the ones I know. Maybe it's just that the training is different from civilian classes or they like spending a week on the range. If he OP is wanting combat related physical/mental conditioning, without any previous military/offensive level weapons training, it may be good to start with the basics of weapons handling, threat awareness and avoidance, and accuracy (not speed) with what weapon you shoot as that is paramount in your learning curve. Just saying, it takes a lot of rounds and muscle memory to get good at any weapon platform that's held in your hands. Rounds down range in many firing positions is the best start.
  10. AzPatriot


    Best training would be to join up and go play in the sand box. When you get back you can set up fun gun drills like these Marines, Army doggies and some civilians having fun in the desert... and However, some are not comfortable moving and shooting this quickly using their vehicles for cover, transitioning behind someone while locked and loaded and having some downrange while moving forward and shooting. Other best best, take some tactical shooting courses from a reputable company like Gunsite.
  11. AzPatriot

    lots of new members

    As a newbie to the forum, I would recomend kissing ass and asking dumbshit questions. You will get a better response.
  12. AzPatriot

    MD V-plug

    Thanks Mike. I'll definately leave the plug as is. I agree that there could be a combination of issues of why the stock plug worked with win universal. When I go to the range, I've been warming up the gun with a couple of mags (10 rnd AGP) of 3" slugs followed by 3" buckshot then step it down to 3" #4 and then go to the cheap stuff. Of all the 3" slug and 00/000 buck I've shot, none will cycle reliably on gas setting #1, #2 works great and it doesn't seem to batter the truinion like the stock plug on #1. Would this indicate my gun is under gassed? I have 3 gas ports but have not pulled the gas block to determine the port diameters. What would be the maximum you would open the existing three ports to? I read on one of the threads here on the forum that small shot size can actually lodge in the ports. Thanks again and I will be getting a MD 20 rnd drum once I get 'er dialed in. Better yet, when are the double stacks coming out??
  13. AzPatriot

    AGP 10 rounders

    I just bought 5 mags three weeks ago that you have to assemble yourself for $20 each. Got 'em directly from AGP's website. You do have to scrape the inside to remove high spots, but for the price its worth it.
  14. AzPatriot

    MD V-plug

    Went to the range today and fired a bunch of different rounds with a new mod, a MD v-plug, with mixed results. I couldn't fire cheap win universal bulk from walmart (2-3/4 1-1/8 3 dram 7-1/2 shot). I can fire this pretty close to 100% of the time when I use the stock gas plug. I had the v-plug on the 5 setting, it shot low brass federal no problem but not the win universal. I re-installed the factory plug and it shot the win unversal no problem. So my question is, should I grind and open up the v--plug to get more gas, or drill out another gas port (I have three), or just not shoot universal ammo unless with the stock plug?? Other than the win unversal ammo issue, the v-plug was great. Dialed in 3" mag slugs and 000 buck (setting 2). Fired too much, got a hurt shoulder.
  15. AzPatriot

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    Here is mine. Got it about a month ago and have been makng some minor mods to it. It is a basic conversion from the CSS kit #1. I've also added a MD V-plug and a recoil pad. Before modifying it, I took it out and fired a couple hundreds rounds through it in stock config with the five round mag. It functioned great with everything I shot except for walmart winchester universal bulk. It would FTE about half of the time with the win universal. While doing the conversion, I took the time to polish the bolt with very minimal metal removal profiling. It's still difficult to load a full mag on a closed bolt, but not near as much before. I am debating on profiling a little more and polishing or just sending it to Pauly to get it done perfectly. After I did the basic conversion and bolt polishing, without the v-plug and recoil pad installed yet as hadn't thought I needed it, I was able to fire the winchester universal wally world bulk without any FTEs. I have since installed the v-plug and recoil pad as shooting 3" 00 buck rapid fire with a 10 rnd AGP mag beat the shit out of my shoulder and it seems like it is battering the trunion. I'll be taking it out this weekend to try out the v-plug, but from what I've read on the forum this should only give me better tuning of the gas system. Next mods I want to do is a Choas Titan rail and doctors optics or trijicon or?? I have a doctors optics on top of my ACOG on my M4 and like it. This is a great forum of saiga knowledge and greatly appreciate it. The CSS videos on conversions made it a very easy process to get it done.