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  1. Like I said, I have 6 or 7 projects that I have to finish first. If you have any left in a month, I will take one, or two.
  2. Holy Crap, that's a hell of a deal. If I didn't have 6 or 7 projects going on right now, I would take 2 or 3 of those.
  3. I saw one of those in a store in MA, and I was wondering wtf? Then they said, a cop customer of theirs puts it on all his shotguns. After that I was sold on it..... not! I can't remember how many of my friends have told me this..... I don't think there's enough room at my place. That's pretty clever, I don't think it belongs on the list.
  4. No, that is a 30cal flash hider, it would be better suited for 7.62x39. What brand are you looking at? It is likely that any company that makes one for 300BLK also makes the same one for 223/5.56. Just have your barrel threaded 1/2x28 and you can install any of those. My 5.45x39 has a Noveske Flaming pig on it.
  5. Here's another one of mine. Sorry for the poor lighting. The colors are Flat Dark Earth and VLTOR Foliage Green. It's got Magpul MOE stock, Miad grip, MBUIS, XTM Rail covers, TWS gen 2 rail, custom alumalite flash suppressor/brake.
  6. Here's mine, not finished, just started yesterday. I put in the G2 trigger, CSS trigger guard, VLTOR Imod stock, MAA rear trunion, Hogue Grip, Tromix charging handle, and all coated in Teflon.
  7. Here is my 5.45; Galil style.
  8. TomInProv

    S12 need a buddy

    I have a Golani and it is one of my favorite rifles. I have never had any problems with it. I was worried about it because I read so many internet posts about problems, but I haven't had one. One of the places I read, stated that the first batch of recievers were bad, but ORF corrected the issues. Who knows if that is true or not. It has been in my posession for months, and I have shot it so many times. I have gone through thousands of rounds without an issue. I have quite a varied collection, dominated by Saigas, each gun takes some breaking in, but the Golani shot right from the first round. If you find one for a good price, buy it.
  9. Here's another one of mine. It is done in Liquid Red to match my car; with the saw grip, Warsaw length stock, MD Arms vplug, and Tromix forearm.
  10. Theoretically if you had a buffer tube and the R and R AR15 trigger guard, would this work on an AK?
  11. I would like to say I have been ordering parts from CSS since a couple of months ago, and the 5% is very helpful for as much as I order. Greg is always on top of the order and ships quicker than anyone else. I have ordered from other suppliers on here as well, and I find that CSS has the best customer service of any of them. I order, I get a confirmation email from the shopping cart, then one from Greg. I usually get an email from USPS with the tracking number in a day or less, then I receive the Items in less than 4 days. Greg is also available to answer all of my questions in whether they are dumb or not. Keep it up Greg, and I will keep ordering. Thanks
  12. Here's a pic of one of mine. Has CSS forearm, CSS trigger guard, g2 trigger, Tromix trigger spring, Tromix charging handle cover, Houge grip, and Magpul stock.
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