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  1. Just saw really good video on how to disassemble and reassemble it: I now see what I must look for as Greg says above. My gut tells me "somebody" fubar'd the bolt.......
  2. What about cosmoline built up in the bolt? I've heard of needing to clear it all out with mineral spirits or carb cleaner spray. I will have pictures shortly, but light primer strike seems to be the issue. The pin is hitting the ammo (Federal ammo btw) but nothing occurs? I don't have the gun to try it with other ammo yet.
  3. It function checked just as in the CSS videos I watched when converting it. My Saiga was identical in appearance and function as in the instructions and CSS demo gun.I pulled the trigger after cocking it and it dry fired just as it should have. I never got it to the range because my friend begged me and paid me to sell him the gun there and then. I did not say no.
  4. Great suggestion to check for. A friend had this happen before. A large amount of money appeared before my eyes without me ever firing the gun.........
  5. Will do that. Just insanely curious how a Saiga does not go bang right off the bat.
  6. UPDATE: "AK specialist" he spoke with says the Saigas need ammo with a "more exposed primer"......and that he should switch ammo. O......K?
  7. Conversion of my gun went smoothly this winter, and I actually sold it without firing it to a buddy. Today he goes to the range, and gun won't fire at all. He has decided there is an issue with the firing pin. "Interesting one", I say to myself. Never heard of an AK not firing, or Saiga supplying a faulty bolt/firing pin. I converted the gun and never disassembled the bolt, it is as it arrived from the factory. This friend is extremely impatient. He will take the whole gun apart in a fit and lose a small part, most assuredly. He knows zero about AKs. Can someon
  8. During installation of the Intrafuse hand guard, I got on it a bit too tight and torqued the allen head cap screw, and need to replace it. I need to get it out and replace it. I don't think the bolt is frozen or anything it was just crappy hardware and my allen driver was harder metal than the bolt. What size and thread pitch is the handguard bolt? Pretty sure it's the handguard bolt. I sold my Saiga to my buddy so he has the gun. I can't just go look at it. I need to make the gun 100% for my buddy. Fo removal I figure a LH drill bit? Anyone ruined theirs and replaced it lately?
  9. I need to get my thoughts straight on how to set up the TAT, how deep to thread it into the die when getting started......
  10. One of my hunting buddies offered me $750 this evening for the Saiga and I've never fired it.......gonna let him have it and probably buy another in .308. Sans FSC47 and the TWS Dogleg, but ready to shoot:
  11. Cut end of FSB off and ordered die handle, 14x1LH die and 7.62 TAT guide from CNC warrior for $54 shipped. FSC47 waiting to go on.
  12. Dr. T....did you rent your 14x1LH die and die handle/TAT? Sure would hate to buy one of these setups to use ONCE............... Well I bought the entire kit from CNC Warrior, all in, including cutting oil, for $55. Anyone wanna rent it after I'm done?
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