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  1. Outsiders don't stand a chance in this tight knit "friendly" community. Before I ever jumped in this is how the mod reacted: I was not used to having a moderator call someone an idiot without knowing the whole story. I am also not used to a moderator saying things like "You would make an AWESOME anti gunner!" I found this quite insulting even though it wasn't directed at me. That is why I jumped in. My opinion is that this forum has a poor business practice by allowing Etac to market and receiving money in return. That opinion is not directed at the mods. It is directed at the forum. I am posting it in this forum for admin to see if he cares. Mods need not take notice. Ban the dissenters... in a thread you need not visit and could just ignore... interesting take.
  2. The mods went after others who responded to my thread about an issue with Etac. I just did what I was supposed to do... report the issue. I did not ask mods to come in and begin to defend their right to have Etac pay them for marketing. They did that on their own after others brought up the issue. Just because we are not mods does not mean we can't have an opinion on how the forum is run. The forum can ignore us, but we can still share it. Several of us share an opinion that the forum should kick Etac off. We were discussing this among ourselves when the mod came in and started to defend not kicking them off. They are entitled to their opinion as well. However, we can't be faulted for having a point of view. I hope the forum does what is right. I apologize if I did not communicate this in a proper way. However, I don't think the moderator treated the first posters in a friendly way right from the start. That helped set a negative tone.
  3. Class act Jeaux E. You are an impressive communicator and a gift to the rest of mankind. I will keep quiet from now on becuase of your great advice and the tactful way in which you communicated it. Have you done a recent search for GoGun or E-tac? Try it. Outside of my recent posts about bad experiences you will find these threads... I did my research using this forum. it is my fault. I am just trying to help facilitate this forum keeping its partners and funders accountable for their actions when it is brought to their attention. I still feel this is not too much to ask. However, I am not as enlightened as some here... obviously. 176 Views [/url] Mar 21 2011 02:33 PM By: Gary <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 65026 ] = { pid: 625357, searchterm:"Gogun" }; question about Tapco gas puck Saiga-12 tbizzle 2 Replies 80 Views Mar 07 2011 04:28 PM By: evlblkwpnz <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 64359 ] = { pid: 618182, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Ordering some parts, check out my list. Saiga-12 blwnv8 14 Replies 158 Views Mar 07 2011 09:48 PM By: blwnv8 <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 64338 ] = { pid: 617917, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Gas Adjustment when very dirty Comparison of factory vs. other. Saiga-12 Stansplace 18 Replies 256 Views Feb 21 2011 07:06 PM By: Mike Davidson <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 63294 ] = { pid: 611167, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Auto Gas Plug 1 2 3 Saiga-12 tcloutier 70 Replies 2,436 Views Mar 02 2011 09:31 AM By: WESLEY 3 <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62127 ] = { pid: 610711, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Factory sling attachment re-used for single point sling Small spacer, longer screw and factory sling loop Saiga-12 ZombieGun 16 Replies 263 Views Feb 18 2011 08:40 PM By: Poniolo <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 63509 ] = { pid: 608893, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Best Trigger guard conversion Saiga-12 Global Arms 19 Replies 805 Views Feb 27 2011 05:53 PM By: CarolinaSS <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62891 ] = { pid: 602170, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Receiver Block Question Red Jacket Firearms AtlSaiga 2 Replies 193 Views Jan 26 2011 08:25 AM By: AtlSaiga <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62310 ] = { pid: 596936, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Sneak peek at GoGun's new Gas Pedal for Rifles 1 2 3 4 Saiga-12 JAMMER 95 Replies 3,548 Views Feb 25 2011 08:00 PM By: Fumes <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62354 ] = { pid: 595572, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Sneak peek at GoGun's new Gas Pedal for Rifles E-Tac CNC JAMMER 0 Replies 431 Views Jan 23 2011 04:05 PM By: JAMMER <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62353 ] = { pid: 595569, searchterm:"Gogun" }; ATF to issue new ruling on monday regarding new restricti... 1 2 3 7 → General Discussion - Any topic is welcome here!!! Banshee 209 Replies 11,825 Views Jan 26 2011 05:26 PM By: Barnett3006 <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 62179 ] = { pid: 594724, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Bolt carrier hitting reciever Saiga-12 Dungchewer 19 Replies 326 Views Jan 15 2011 12:20 PM By: PauIy <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 61829 ] = { pid: 591198, searchterm:"Gogun" }; question about gas pistons Saiga-12 yooper14 6 Replies 208 Views Jan 17 2011 11:19 AM By: tbizzle <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 61827 ] = { pid: 591129, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Magpul-ized Saiga Conversion ... Almost complete Saiga 7.62 X 39 10mm Auto 3 Replies 392 Views Dec 31 2010 03:49 PM By: 10mm Auto <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 61398 ] = { pid: 586148, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Wishing E-Tac CNC a Happy New Year! E-Tac CNC Gary 1 Reply 589 Views Jan 07 2011 10:53 AM By: JAMMER <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 61366 ] = { pid: 585782, searchterm:"Gogun" }; The GoGun Gas Pedal Grip Panel E-Tac CNC JAMMER 6 Replies 953 Views Jan 07 2011 10:55 AM By: JAMMER <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 61106 ] = { pid: 583112, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Steel Picatinny Rail by the foot? For AWESOME new product!!! General Discussion - Any topic is welcome here!!! PauIy 15 Replies 358 Views Dec 19 2010 11:34 PM By: Fumes <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 60992 ] = { pid: 581917, searchterm:"Gogun" }; New Saiga-12 Puck from E-Tac The GoGun Twister Clean-Out Puck E-Tac CNC ck43001 17 Replies 2,259 Views Nov 08 2010 10:04 AM By: PapaZorro <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 42729 ] = { pid: 569548, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Build and Turn around update status E-Tac CNC JAMMER 0 Replies 1,437 Views Oct 27 2010 02:38 PM By: JAMMER <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 59487 ] = { pid: 565646, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Range report with new TwisterPuc and MD V-Plug 1 2 Saiga-12 SpetsnazGRU 35 Replies 1,114 Views Feb 08 2011 09:24 AM By: JohnInNH <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 59350 ] = { pid: 564528, searchterm:"Gogun" }; (2) Converted Saiga 12s (pic heavy) With video proof that they run well with cheap ammo Want To Sell or Trade (WTS / WTT) evlblkwpnz 6 Replies 1,590 Views Nov 02 2010 05:33 AM By: Shandlanos <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 59093 ] = { pid: 561388, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Long story short - undergassed, workin on it! 1 2 be easier if I new more people around Fort Wayne! Saiga-12 vinnivanhood 48 Replies 1,319 Views Nov 06 2010 03:06 AM By: vinnivanhood <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 58859 ] = { pid: 559562, searchterm:"Gogun" }; GUNS AT E-TAC E-Tac CNC shellman 0 Replies 1,648 Views Oct 08 2010 01:58 AM By: shellman <script type=text/javascript>ipb.global.searchResults[ 58880 ] = { pid: 559094, searchterm:"Gogun" }; Twister puck poll 1 2 3 Did your twister puck work or did it cause the gun to short cycle? Saiga-12 hobbyshooter 86 Replies 6,305 Views Feb 13 2011 05:03 PM
  4. One more point... you are saying that I am wrong for putting you in the same boat as the admins. First, you are an agent of the admins selected to carry out their will on the forum. Second, your first reply to this thread began with what word???? WE! You then went on to say OURS.... WE and OURS are words of first person ownership. We were complaining about forum policy and you come in guns ablazin and group yourself immediately with the owners of the forum. I'm sorry if we became confused based on your own communication. Here is your quote to jog your memory before your meeting with your lawyer over my "illegal" responses: We "allow it?"... please.. It's THEIR SECTION! NOT OURS! they paid for it... This is why we have a feedback section.. as you see the thread has been untouched by staff. (I suppose we are manipulating or conspiring SOMEHOW... after all, it's the internet!!!) Stick to moderating instead of giving you opinions on topics you have nothing to add to. And please... quit trying to act like the forum is innocent in all of this. They enable Etac to have a position of influence in this forum. The forum has full control to eliminate this influence and they choose not to. Everyone understands that Etac and the forum are different. If that is what you think this is about, I think you need to re-read everyone's comments. The issue is that the forum is aiding Etac in screwing over forum members and allowing them to falsey represent the overall impression of their work and customer service. Tell me how this isn't true?
  5. You are the one defending the business practice of the forums. If you don't agree just be quiet, quit defending the forum and stick to moderating. This is obviously none of your business. I don't have to wait for a conviction to know for a fact that Etac has my money and I don't have a gun. I am one of many who are in the same boat. This was a thread started by me and you took it off track. just stay out of it.
  6. Etac has over 1k of my money. I don't have a gun. They are using that money to buy space here right??? You are accepting my stolen money in return for marketing space. You can try to justify the forums "rent" policy, but what you are doing is unethical. You are selling space to someone who is lying and stealing from your community. Try to justify it any way you want, but that is wrong. I work for a website and magazine publishing company. We would never allow this to happen to our community. We protect their best interests as we actually care about them. Eric
  7. Juggernaut... You really are not a good representative for this forum. I searched the site before buying from E-tac. I found some negative feedback, but was overwhelmed by the positives in their "rented" forum. I am not a forum regular or a Saiga expert. I used this forum to do my research and it presented a skewed view. My money is being used to pay for the "rented" space instead of building my gun. With policies like this, a competing forum that provides true feedback no matter who is paying for what might be necessary. Also, for someone who keeps claiming to not "make the rules", you sure do defend them as if they are yours. Any legitimate company would not partner with a company that is participating in fraud. This fourm is partnered with Etac. There is no other way to describe the relationship. You have made it clear that the forum will support any behavior as long as they get paid "hush money".
  8. UPDATE... Esteban has contacted me and things are moving in the right direction. I am still waiting to see how this ends up, but he says he is going to make this right. I am cautiously optimistic. --------------------------------------- My other thread somehow disappeared. Craig called and offered to refund my money. Esteban then left a message saying that he wanted to finish the build. I left a message last week saying I want a refund due to the horrible process and lack of communication. They also should have let me know that they were not going to build guns starting the week after I put my order in. Still no communication back from Esteban and no refund. This has to be one of the most disappointing experiences I have ever had. Why claim you are a real company if you don;t have time to actually treat customers like customers.
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