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  1. 7766 8881 9025 Thanks Mike! You rock!
  2. Great job Vultite.. Preach it brother! Don't sweat the Prof's. The minds you change and the people you make think about their protection will matter much more to society than what some hippie believes. We teach CCW classes here in NC. Some of our students have been officers wives and assistant DA's. Some of the stories the DA's had to tell were enough to convince anyone that the LEO's are overwhelmed by rediculous calls and often under staffed.. In a county or city that is large in area, minutes to an emergency is not uncommon. Many of those that are young or don't hunt or live in a crappy neighborhood have never given the thought to what can happen in an emergency. We live in an area that has recently had a surge in gang violence. We give this example in class of what happened to one of OUR neighbors with his permission of course. In one of the nicer, more rural areas of our county we had a local youth pastor come out of his house at 7am and was met at gun point and forced inside by four armed males. His whole family was home and still in their night clothes. No neighbors to see it, no chance to call anyone. Once inside the gangbangers bound and gagged all but the father (father was bound, but not gagged) in the chairs at their dining room table while they rnsacked and robbed them of everything. The scum threatened them repeatedly with death and rape (guy has a daughter) to be sure they told them where all the stuff was and even had them give the combination of their safe. Guns, cash and jewelry, they took everything and left them bound and gagged in their own home. The police found out about it only when the dad got free hours later and was able to call them. He was self-employed, so no one was waiting for him to show up at work. They could have sat their for hours or days and maybe had the scum come back. Thank the Lord terror and robbery was all they had to deal with. It really struck me strong and does most that we tell about it.. Most people saw the story in the paper and didn't realize who it was.. Be aware at all times and everywhere you are.
  3. I'm glad to see this question asked. I am also in the market for an AR10 style rifle. Tony's recommendations go a long way with me. The POF looks to be a winner.
  4. If the weapon is going to be loaded and sit in or on a nightstand and rarely ever used, I would recommend a revolver. Semi-auto's no matter who makes them require a minimal amount of proficiency to be reliable. Poor grip, grip too large for the hands of smaller folks, limp wristing, or weak ammo can all lead to failure that is not a fault of the weapon. A revolver is a better choice IMO for this situation. I usually recommend a good sized heavy .357 with a decent length barrel and not a snub nose. If it's not going to be carried a lot, the extra barrel length and weigh helps minimize felt recoil. Since .357's can also fire .38 special rounds, the smaller rounds can help a new shooter feel more comfortable. I used to have a .357 with a 6" barrel and my 13 year old daughter that weighed about 85lbs. was very confident and accurate with it when loaded with .38's. Also, most modern revolvers have an internal locking mechanism that would allow the owner to unload and lock the weapon when they leave. Since most in this situation wont have a gun safe that can't be carried away, it just might keep the weapon from killing someone if it is stolen. When you leave, unload the weapon and activate the internal lock. When you return home, unlock and reload. Sure if it's stolen, someone can still use it to rob someone, but it wont fire until the lock is deactivated. Maybe the dumb crook will go the to the local gun shop looking for a key to unlock it, when of course you would have already notified them to be on the watch for someone looking for a key. Personally, I have a benelli nova pump as well as a semi-auto handgun in the bedroom. My wife is a concealed carry trainer and has her pistol handy at all times. Any pump shotty may also prevent the need to fire. The sound of a shell being racked is universal. Like giving someone the middle finger, no matter where you are from or what language you speak, you KNOW what it means. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Here's a Saiga 7.62x39 that I took in on trade.. Looks great. Has the Tapco G2 FCG, Dinzag lower handguard retainer and a PWS muzzle device. Very clean rifle that looks to have been refinished because it couldn't look that good from the factory. I am a FFL and will ship to your FFL. $600 Thanks for looking! email me at joel@bangbangbid.com
  6. That bullpup is pretty awsome, but I dont think its CA legal, dont see how you could put a bullet button on it..

  7. .50 BMG is standard issue for agencies that may have to deal with aircraft. SWAT officer in FL that I knew years ago had a .50 (back when they were very rare) and when I asked him why the cannon - he stated that he was on SRT for MIami International and that if they had a "situation" .50 BMG was necessary for shooting through an airliner windscreen to take out hostiles in the cockpit. That makes sense.. I just wasn't thinking of airplanes.. There is a large international airport near by.. Thanks
  8. I had a DR-200 and liked it.. I sold it, but not because I didn't like it. It was a great shooter and never failed. Parts used to be hard to get. Not sure if anyone is importing or making stuff for them now. I have a spare firing pin if you ever need one. I would also guess that the cost would be much more than any saiga.
  9. For what it's worth.. I just saw a request for bid for over 1,250,000 rounds of ammo for one of the bigger, more populated cities in NC. Including, but not limited to: swat .50 caliber AAA 700 gr A2 Ball Molly suppressed .223 5.56 Ultra stealth, Homady 75g TAP FPD 12 gauge shotgun 00 buck, Federal Flite control 9 pellet 12 gauge shotgun slug RA12RS15 1 oz. rifled or equal .308 Ammo for SWAT, 155 gr Hornady TAP FPD & 165 gr Hornady Barrier TAP WTF? where/what the hell are they gonna shoot 700gr 50BMG? That's not a door breaching round guys!
  10. I am a FFL and will ship to another FFL. I am not sure if this would be legal in NJ.
  11. This is a saiga 410 that has a AK 47 bullpup kit modified to fit the larger bore of the 410. Includes a Dinzag bolt on lower handguard retainer, Tapco G2 FCG and one ten round magazine. Other than the fire control group being moved forward to its proper position, the weapon itself has not been modified so that the bullpup kit can be removed to install any type of AK 47 furniture designed for a stamped receiver with little modifications. Great shooter and conversation piece. Sell = $650 Trade Value = $700 Trade interests are: Anything 1911, especially 3" 1911's (can add a little boot for nice ones) Bolt action .223 rifles Pistol caliber lever action rifles
  12. Gob bless you Nathan and Lauren. My son and I will add you to our prayers.
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