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  1. I had a new Saiga 12 sent over to Tromix to be worked over by the master Tony Rumore himself. This is an unfired (outside of Tromix) example with the SRT Trigger, HK-style sights, Galil upswept charging handle and Tromix shark brake. 8" bbl.Just gauging interest right now to see if I can move this. I'm asking $1800. Currently on a Form 4 in FL.Thanks for looking. *Email or IM For pics!*.
  2. Anybody have any idea of what a Tromix S17 is worth? Ballpark?
  3. That is absolutely phenomenal work! Awesome stuff Lee.
  4. Keeping with the theme of the thread....been out of the S12 game for a bit. Anybody have an idea of what an unfired Tromix S17 is worth? It just sits in my safe. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Tony even still building them at all anymore?
  5. Yes, Tony's SRTrigger option is absolutely outstanding... You won't regret it. Best 85 bucks you'll spend
  6. For a Tromix S-17 conversion...they start at $1260 on customer supplied gun. As stated before, to get on "the list", you gotta be quick and ready to go at Midnight the day he opens it back up online (which currently states, Feb 2015).
  7. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone else has ordered anything within the past 6 months from Oleg and actually had it show up? Been waiting on an order from back in March, and placed a second order in June. I haven't heard a word on either one minus his standard "goods to arrive shortly" letter....and I thought 6 months for my last stamp was a while!
  8. Ohh man that sounds like it is going to be gorgeous! You definitely have got to post some pics in your SOC thread for us to drool over! And I completely agree, Tony's SRT trigger mod is well worth the $....can't wait to see my 030!!!
  9. Hey Lee! You putting a 100 series folder on a Tromix??!
  10. Give Leland at Sierra Ordnance Company a PM or email. He does unbelievable work. Great guy to deal with, always keeps me updated with build progress and just a great guy to talk to.. His prices were more than fair and his attention to the small details is admirable. Cant say enough great things.... You'll be happy you went with SOC.
  11. Kinda like End of Watch.....just saw it last night. Three fun-switch equipped AKs, maybe 20-30 yards away at most, 30 round mags....and neither one of the two guys got hit? Would have made for a quick ending I guess....
  12. Anybody know if the original VEPR 12 folding stocks will be available?
  13. And after seeing Lee's work, I would say you're gettin top quality! Awesome offer from a great guy and company.
  14. Looking for at least one Izzy 8-rounder for my new Tromix S17! This mag just seems to look perfect.... Excellent shape preferred. PP or USPS MO ready to go. RCH
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