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  1. Ok, new to the area. The gunsmith in my area does not want to touch my Saiga. I was curious if there are any Gunsmiths in the Illinois area and/or link to gunsmiths.
  2. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    Then stay off my threads...hell because of all of the smart ass comments such as yourself I can't find shit on what I need ass clown. And FYI...my Saiga dream has been 5 years in the making before I could track one down or a dealer willing enough to track one down for me. I ask questions to find answers...Isn't that why forums exist? To find answers and ask questions? So get out of your mothers basement and go fuck yourself. To everyone else helping thank you. Tdick go play in traffic.
  3. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    I never played with the original gas settings. But I did notice it was on the two. Also, stupid noob, but what is the bar on the left side of the gun(opposite the safety lever)?
  4. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    It was 00 buckshot. Well it's trying to get past all the BS people post on the conversions, the useful information is covered up by peoples smart ass comments. I read the part about the paper in the owners manual. Yea I'm planning on getting rid of it ASAP. Well I was just curious to get some reviews from parts and such. Thanks for all the info
  5. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    Well I have finally taken my Saiga out and put 25 rounds of 00 Buckshot number 8 through it. I was surprised how much that it did not kick. It did have problems ejecting some shells 1 out of 5. Conversions- I've been checking out Carolina's shoorters for kits. Does anyone have and of those stocks or conversions they off on your own gun? Likes/dislikes?
  6. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    Yes I have been looking for tricked out parts left and right!! My iPhone battery is begging for a break from looking for stuff and advice. I haven't got the chance to shoot it yet, but as of now it is still in the box with the wax paper wrapped on it. So by adding stocks and other furniture to it, that will make it compliant? I thought you had to remove and order American made internals in order to make it compliant?? Also, conversion? Every post seems to talk about converting it...what does that mean?
  7. wimbo57

    My New Saiga

    I just purchased my first Saiga. Any tips or advice to where I need to start on upgrades, stock replacement, etc?
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