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  1. What spare parts do you suggest in particular?
  2. Lol... you're assuming too much there... I was only going to trade the rifle and maybe all the mags...
  3. Well the AWB would include both of these items (Keltec sub 2000 is specifically labeled in Feinstein Bill) so that's not an issue... The idea of a trade sounded desirable because I reload .40 cal and subsequently would -=hopefully=- be insulated from an ammo shortage, can load various round of all sorts of variations (weights, speeds, tracers, etc), and it uses Glock mags which are a dime in a dozen... I want to keep my AK, but in reality the 5.45x39 might be headed towards a meek future... The most positive to keep my AK is that spare parts "should" always be available vs. the Keltec w
  4. I am tempted to trade my converted 5.45 saiga (stock fore grip) for a Keltec sub 2000 in .40cal. I currently have 1200 rounds of 7n6 with 4 ak mags. I reload for .40cal too. What do you guys think?
  5. Yeah this deal keeps the muzzle brake on there pretty well. I just started with threading the barrel as my option to put a muzzle device on and did not look back. It basically led me to these antics, but none-the-less, I think I came up with a suitable alternative that allows me to have a myriad of muzzle devices with different thread patterns fit to my rifle.
  6. These are the pictures of what I tried to explain I did. The adapter is the device that is holding my brake with the set screw (the base of the screw is blunt and not pointed). So far this works great... until I lose the screw! But they are sold in packs of 2 at Home Depot for like $2.
  7. I went the route of cutting the shroud and then threading the barrel to 14mm X 1mm, LH. I then put one of the adapters on with red loc-tite. The rifle can take the typical RH AK74 brakes, but would back off occasionally during rapid fire and cause keyhole'ing. So I got a full day workout taking adapter off (it was extremely tough from loc-tite!) and drill/tapped the adapter to accept a set screw to hold the brake in place. I used the little notched on the base of the brake to fit the set screw. For some reason I thought this method to be easier (and sturdier) than cutting off the whole si
  8. So while on a patrol with your cold rifle, you see some Tangos ahead and can't hit squat because your rifle isn't hot enough to zero in? Sorry to "troll" but I do not get this ideology.
  9. Do you plan on putting an adapter for 24x1RH muzzle device BCOWANWHEELS?
  10. I am seconds on the handheld drill to tap. I did it just fine and had no lock ups... The key is to use cutting oil (or the oil I used to clean my rifle!) and go slow! Like one revolution per 3 seconds. My hand held drill did have a level attached to the back so drilling centrally was not an issue...
  11. Don't stock up! Share! Limit 2 per customer! I constantly wonder how much AIM has left... I can only imagine too if any of those half ass revolutionaries over there in Libya got some of our stocks of Russian surplus! We actually aim our shots!
  12. Check out amazon for a cheap NC star sight adjustment tool... its like $5 bucks with shipping if you have prime http://www.amazon.com/SKS-Front-Sight-Ajustment-Tool/dp/B000TN1QVU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1319775309&sr=8-2 Also, judging by you 50 yard and 100 yard targets, when you battle sight at 25 yards, make sure you obviously hit center, but roughly 1.5 inches LOW! This will give you about an inch low at 50, and dead on at 100. Your targets were zeroed in a little too high.
  13. Aesthetics vs functionality (Capital "F" on that is important!). Get a Saiga 5.45 for cheap, get the minimal parts to convert (about $100-120 roughly) and you have an "ugly" (atypical) AK that is just as accurate as the newly ak-100s that have the furniture on them.... Information is based off of my AK 5.45 saiga with just a Tapco trigger group, trigger guard, stock, hogue grip (for 108 w/shiping) vs a buddy's fully arsenal sgl for close to $700. YMMV... Self convert is the funniest and self gratifying way to get an accurate 5.45 AK74 IMO
  14. FT being a contributor would allow him sell more potentially. Incentives would be there to refine his methods of delivery, and we all have a connection (legally) to a resource thats only gonna get harder to find (@ wholesale prices at least). Kinda curious if this site has any foreign contributors?...
  15. Apparently the Ukrainian puh-lice took my package according to FT. I would like to let everyone know that I successfully got my money back from FT. THIS DUDE IS VERIFIED LEGIT IMHO. I can finally stop being skeptical of FT and will do anything possible to help streamline his sales so our packages do not get seized or lost. We really need to help him become a contributor to the site.
  16. Just to give an update (because all of you are sooo concerned! lol), FT told me that the Ukrainian authorities confiscated my package and offered an alternative replacement package sent after he gets back from vacation. I just asked for a refund and hopefully that goes through as he agreed to do so. I will let yall know if it was honored or not.
  17. I have and use the soviet mag pouch for 4 mags and the slide pocket for cleaning kit and oil bottle. Just need to get a wide strap to fit it around your waist. I like to carry it on my lower back like where a tramp stamp would be had.
  18. Lol... I was waiting for a "I told you so" comment from a moderator... I am slowly starting to be burned by those words! You live, you learn!
  19. I contacted the USPS and gave them my tracking number (its valid right!) and they have no records of that package. I also asked the representative if they are aware of any seizures of shipments by customs and she stated they do get notification of a seized package, but there has to be a valid tracking number to even get any information.Therefore my package never even made it to customs and just was either lost in Europe or never shipped at all. I contacted FT about my recent findings and suggested that I want my package shipped UPS now. UPS is in the Ukraine and there should be no reason why t
  20. How do you even complain to the post office if you don't even have a valid tracking number? Even with customs? I know for a fact that UPS works in multiple cities in the Ukraine... Why not use their services? A hell of a lot more accountable then the Ukrainian who ha postal service and ours as well.
  21. did you contact FT yet regarding a replacement? Yeah... He said it should be here already, but wants me to wait till the end of the month just in case. After that he will send replacements. He said he is going on vacation on the 10 of October.
  22. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't received mine yet in Louisiana... Our gun laws are about as liberal as they come and I am speculating customs nabbed my package... Maybe that new Jim Caveisal show on tv where the government is monitoring our every posts here, emails, etc. is true and intercepting our packages!... Probably wrong.
  23. None. No POSP or PSO's are calibrated for 5.45 (and it's POSP or PSO, not PSOP) The 5.45 specific optics are here: http://forum.saiga-1...x-optic-review/ You can use the POSP with a 5.45 just fine. You'll either need to create a 400m zero like other 5.45 optics do or just know your hold over's. Z GRRRR!... That (1P78) cost as much as my conversion! Looks like quality optics there. I guess you can write that one in your Will for me Z... me likey.
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