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  1. http://www.1alumalite.com/s12.html This guy can custom make one for you I have 2 of his barrel shrouds and the are great.
  2. For the people in NH new gun shop in Hooksett, Shooter Outpost

  3. Just bought a TC contender in 45-70 for $375

  4. Was on backwards. Thanks for telling me, must of had a brain fart when I put it on.
  5. Last week at the gun range I let a guy shoot my Saiga 12, Today he showed up at the gun range with a Ruger Super Red Hawk in 454 Casull and handed it to me and said your turn to have some fun. What a rush it was a hand cannon.

    1. Squishy


      Like my brother in law's .500 S&W, seems something that powerful just has to have a stock.

    2. termite


      454 is FUN to shoot in lever action rifle Too. I have a Taurus Raging Bull and Puma lever action in 454

  6. Every gun I own the first shot I put threw it I voids warranty I run my reloads. $280 for USA made carrier or $250 for factory. I go $280 for R&R carrier. Its only money and I get payed well at my job.
  7. check you mail sent you message with link on 20ga shrouds
  8. it wiggles but always has sense i bought it new. It looks like its just breaking of little thin pieces. Put 200 rounds threw it today and kept a eye on it didn't see any crack. I think I am going to order a R&R carrier just to be on the safe side.
  9. Saw this today after I got back from the range is this something I should worry about I see R&R Target makes a after market one
  10. My MT-2500 QBS(quad rail, brake, shroud) from http://www.1alumalite.com/ is being shipped guy does great work.

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