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  1. Thanks. I just picked up a PO hunting scope wi 1,000 meter reticle. I'll see what the manual says.
  2. How bout a ring clamp to help? Am I missing something about how to sight in a ComBloc optic? Let me review w/o pictures and hopefully my proposition or question might make sense. I know there are different scales, etc, etc, but let’s just say you set the elevation turret to 1 for 100m. 1) You shoot a group. 2) Wherever the group lands you are supposed to loosen the turret’s two opposing screws (not the center one) and 3) twist the turret to raise/lower the chevron to the group with your right hand (I’m right handed) while 4) using the finger tips on your left hand to hold the thin graduated elevation ring stationary all while 5) looking through the scope. 6) The rifle must be firmly clamped in a lead sled or similar NOT to move. So I’m using both hands all while looking through the scope and hoping to keep the rifle still. Same process for windage which is even harder if your are right handed. This is what you do for POSP, POS, PU, PE, ONM76B and similar scopes – correct? Am I missing something? This is a hassle, messy and imprecise. I can’t imagine this is how Russian snipers zero their scopes for extraordinary distance accuracy. If this is in fact the technique then wouldn’t it make sense for there to be some external clamp that you could place on the elevation/windage rings to keep them stationary while you fire and adjust the turrets? I’m almost tempted to gently try this with a small vice grip or similar. The key will be to keep the clamp from moving. Shrug . . . maybe some Gorilla Tape will do the job. Ideas? Clarification? Feedback?
  3. Greetings all. It's been a long time since I visited this forum. I bought a standard Saiga 12 back when the panic was on. At least I didn't pay the highest prices going but like many I just "had to have one" before they >>>shrug<<< became illegal to import. I started having a bit of work done on it. Rear stock removed, trigger moved up to mag well, double hook trigger installed, barrel shortened (to just short of SBR) and them just lost interest and boxed it up. I witnessed my buddy's proved far less than reliable on anything but certain high-brass ammo. I thought I saw on one of the Russian Tactical/promotional videos that these things were supposed to eat anything. My 870 does and I want that in a reliable home or other defense weapon. Anyway,I'd like to build some kind of actual version of a 12S EXP-01-030. I should say I'd like to have one built. Are the parts available, gas block+site+rail, fold up dust cover rail etc to actually build one of these? I know you can put a magwell on. If so who does it? Reasonable $$$. I've had my head in FALs and Mausers for the last year but I'd be interested in finishing this shotgun if I could really go "all the way" with it. And this may be an old topics rehashed to death. Definitely a newbie here and know little about these so I appreciate the patience of my ignorance.