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    Cutting down a 22" barrel...

    As info, I had the barrel on my Saiga 20 cut down to 16.5" then permanently affixed a Saber Boss muzzle brake. A local gunsmith in the Charlotte NC area (CMP Armory - Dallas NC) cut the barrel and welded the brake on for $40 (not including shipping or the cost of the muzzle brake). I thought that was an extremely reasonable price! Look them up on the internet if interested in their services. Good luck!
  2. Guys, I've got a Saiga 20 that I want to shorten the barrel on and add a "Saber Boss" muzzle brake by SGM. The barrel appears to be about 22" long. Cutting it down to 18.5" and then adding a 2.5" long brake doesn't accomplish much. I'm currently leaning toward having the barrel cut down to about 16.5" and then permanently attaching the brake, bringing the overall length to 19". I realize this takes away any future options for barrel attachments, etc. but I don't particularly mind as long as it functions properly. I guess my main question is how much can I shorten the barrel and not effect the proper cycling of the weapon? Do you envision any cycling problems if I proceed with my plan to go to a 16.5" barrel plus the muzzle brake? I'd certainly prefer not to have to do any more modifications unless I have to. Also, I will be discussing with my gunsmith about threading the barrel. If this becomes too much of a problem, I'll let him press it on and tic (sp?) weld. Any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance for your time and recommendations.