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  1. thanks. yep, i do need a scope... badly. I'm saving my pennies for a 6x posp. need a bipod too.
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    ya the SA stuff is nice, but a little sooty. almost ashy!
  3. here it is, my 308-1-K G2 trigger group (lotsa grinding on the hammer) NHM handguards and romy leather sling from greentimber SAW grip from another board's EE buttstock, handguard retainer, gas tube, and trigger guard from a romy kit i had laying around and before the internet parts police come after me, the NHM handguards are actually US made due to imprtation games on the Norinco NHM90's.
  4. man, joe, i wish i hadnt just bought a synthetic stocked one, that wood sure is nice! and all those mags.... *sigh* good luck, im sure someone will scoop it up before too long. if only i had more
  5. good lord! dont cut a 22" or god will kill a kitten. 22" .308 is the tits! buy a carbine.. they're like $20 cheaper anyway.
  6. it's an AK based weapon... swab the barrel and you're good to go! maybe clean the carbon out of the gas tube occasionally
  7. i like it.... where'd you get the psl handguards? i saw a pic somewhere where someone welded a g3 flashhider on the end and that looked pretty sharp, but it's not like you actually NEED a brake, unless your gunna be bumpfiring your 8 round mags alot
  8. ETA: oh ya, that's your thread over there, lollygagger, i'm such a noob... should have noticed that sooner but the close-ups over there really helped clear up the process in my mind! __________________________________________ here's a link with some close up pictures of the modded m14 mags, it really looks promising to me. http://www.akforum.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=825 i might have to try it, assuming that a preban mag is still a preban mag if you mess with it. *grumble*NY*grumble*
  9. do you have any sketches of your plan for the "quasi-p-grip" for the unconverted? just wondering what approach you're taking.
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