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  1. By Natalie Obiko Pearson Associated Press Writer May 1, 2007 CARACAS, Venezuela - President Hugo Chavez's government took over Venezuela's last privately run oil fields on Tuesday, intensifying a struggle with international firms over the development of the world's largest known petroleum deposit. Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez declared that the Orinoco fields had reverted to state control just after midnight. Television footage showed oil workers in hard hats raising the flags of Venezuela and the national oil company over a refinery and four drilling fields in the Orinoco River basin. C
  2. OOOODDDIIIINNNNN!!!!!!!!! (and yes I'm one of those danged darwinists... no, I dont care if anyone else is) edit: wasn't this thread titled democrats and THE POLITICS OF GUNS?
  3. i got the repros, too, and both my mosins HATE them. I find it's just easier to hand-load 5 rds than to mess around with them. maybe if i find some originals, I'll give them a try, but until then they're more trouble than they're worth. jmho.
  4. LOL Bvamp! I know just what you mean about being due for some 'friendly disagreements' in the bars. but there is one group that I'd gladly mow down.... the goddamn rabbits that ringed my apple trees over the winter!
  5. I've said it before and Ill say it again... It's not a Dem/Rep thing, it's an urban/rural thing. On the state level here in NY we have several rural Democrats who vote against gun control bills every time. We also have several urban Republicans who vote FOR those very same bills. It's not the damned Democrats, it's "them damned cityfolk!"
  6. I don't know about TX, but in NY there's no problem doing a personal shooting range as long as you're not shooting across a road. I have a 50-75yd range out back, limited by the size of my berm. (could probably use it for 100 yds, but I'd hate to have something happen and send a .308 round over the top and into someone's heiffer.) I really ought to catch the road crew next time they scrape the ditches and tell them where to dump their fill.
  7. should work fine, just be sure to leave a little excess on the inside, to give more bonding area. and clean the hell out of it with acetone beforehand. edit: i'm not sure how it would stand up to sandblasting, though... i was actually planning on sandblasting the whole thing first, adding the jb weld after to bond to the prepped surface then paint. there would be enough on the inside to bond to it. will it hold up to the pressure/being fired? thats my main concern. i'd say try it, if it pops out, use the little snap-in buttons that indy likes.
  8. should work fine, just be sure to leave a little excess on the inside, to give more bonding area. and clean the hell out of it with acetone beforehand. edit: i'm not sure how it would stand up to sandblasting, though...
  9. there are destitute people who dont flip out are here, too. I've been one of them. a man with a shitload of weapons who slept with a hat and jacket during the winter, and woke to see his breath condensing in the air. I never went on a killing spree, either. stop generalizing about americas cultural problems... just stop. you have no idea who the people you're talking to really are, you pompous little shit.
  10. all they could get was my non-static IP address from my servixe provider. no surprise.. I'm on a firewalled workstation on a firewalled network behind a firewalled router. (i like to be careful)
  11. now the only quote i can find is from a bystander who said he had a "big gun" but really, it doesnt matter.. it's just another pre-election year shooting that gets the brady bunch all riled up.
  12. gee, i heard it was a sawed off shotgun. but it could have been a marlin .22 and theyd still call to ban AK's.
  13. gotta find one on the cheap. but yeah, It looks kinda naked w/o one.
  14. stringent? nooo we need MORE laws! hell, whatever new law they come up with will be named after the dead trooper, and pushed through the assembly and state senate like nobody's business.
  15. An Arkville, N.Y., farmhouse that authorities had surrounded in a search for man suspected of killing a state trooper goes up in flames on April 25, 2007. The fire started shortly after sharpshooters began firing and SWAT teams tried to enter. The suspect's charred body was found inside. (AP)
  16. update for those that didn't see: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/04/26/...in2730943.shtml Suspect In Trooper Shooting Found Dead MARGARETVILLE, N.Y., April 26, 2007 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (AP) The charred body of a man suspected of killing a state trooper and wounding two others was removed Thursday from the smoldering wreckage of a farmhouse that caught fire as police closed in on him. Investigators used fingerprints to identify the man as Travis Trim, 23, State Police Maj. Kevin Molinari said. It wasn't im
  17. shit, man, you're ALMOST a Libertarian! [rant] I agree with both parties on things too... I agree with the dem's on health care and killing babies. (no i won't argue that point, no matter what, because peoples mind's wont be changed and people will get pissed off) I agree with the rep's on property taxes, dividend taxes, and most tennants of TRUE conservatism, the conservatism of small government and non-interference (NOT NEO-CON, and NOT RELIGIOUS CONSERVATISM) Both parties are lacking in the war on terror (nobody has a good plan and quitting is NOT a plan), the war on drugs (c'
  18. that's a strange way to teach kids to respect those in service to our country. At the very least, the Teacher needs to practice her street theater some more. and as a purely sophist point, even if the Nazis had won WWII they'd still have desks, and even if extremist Islam were in charge, the boys would still have desks, where they would study the koran and bitch about infidels.
  19. Oh yeah, it's definitely a bad thing to arrest someone for writing. No argument here. I understand caution, after the recent shooting, but caution must be tempered with reason. If writing that upset teachers was a criminal offense, Id bet many of us here would have been nabbed long ago. hell, I used to write assignments DELIBERATELY to get a rise out of a teacher. It helped with boredom, and I was usually only dropped to a B+ for messing with them. Edit: And as I said before, I predict a public apology and charges dropped for the kid. We haven't slipped THAT far yet.
  20. link? edit: found it here http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/c...ll=chi-news-hed he wasnt suspended.. he was ARRESTED! oh, and as for "AMERICA!!! TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT IS GOING ON!!!" don't think this will stand for more than two days. we have a press that doesn't get thrown out of windows for raising a fuss.
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