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  1. hi guys i have a cz 75 sp-01 phantom in i wanna sell it in 1 guy wants to tarde me his sig p229dak my guy never been shot its brand new i just got my gun a 1week ago so what do i do in his sig have Hogue extreme aluminum grips
  2. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    ty you guys so much for the info;)
  3. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    its just for the range
  4. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    in how much is a magazine for the saiga308.
  5. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    nice shooting how is the reliability on the saiga 308.
  6. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    can a saiga 308 shoot over 300 yards just asking??
  7. Davidfl

    saiga 308.

    hi guys i wanna buy a saiga 308. in i wanna no if its good in any info on it helps
  8. guys is the cz 75 sp-01 phantom good IM BUYING 1 IN I WANNA NO IF IT GOOD
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