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  1. http://www.democraticunderground.com/1172102692 might be good for laughs or make you very angry, depending on how seriously you take a bunch of self righteous ultra liberals
  2. I believe I found my issue. The carrier was binding a bit right before it got back to the ejector. Not consistantly, but enough to be noticeable every so often when hand cycling repeatedly. I think that binding slowed the carrier enough on some shots to deny the casing proper ejection force which resulted in the random ejection angles. When inspecting it to try and determine why it was binding I noticed the finish on the guide rail seemed thick at one spot. A little polish and I am down to 3 fte's in one hundred last saturday. (Was several times worse before) . I think with a lit more polish that my issue should be resolved.
  3. Some of them are mine and I dont even have a 5.56 yet. I found the holiday promotion at DSG and ordered 10 windowed for $125. Might be month before they get to me though, I ordered at the end of the deal.
  4. Free market. And I would get used to it, I think this panic permanently added a good 30% to all prices. Once things calm down prices will drop a good bit but we are never going to see $400 Saigas again.
  5. My yugo m92 pap pistol order has been 'processing' since 12/18. Getting a bad feeling about this, I expect the 'oops, we oversold' email any day.
  6. Fellow on AR15.com worked on the hill in the past. He claims that a paper letter has far more weight, so do both.
  7. I'm guilty of panic buying, but I am being picky about it. Some places are letting you back order at fairly reasonable prices, for example DSG has pmag 10 packs for 100. They are majorly back ordered but if no ban happens I wont be kicking myself over the price. I dont think a ban will be quick (if it happens at all), dens are showing all signs of going full retard and both sides will be very far apart to start.
  8. Given that prices won't drop for a while even if this all blows over, I likely will get into reloading soon. Any recommendations on a good guide book? I do 'moscow match' slugs now with wally world bulk birdshot, so its not entirely new to me.
  9. I love my CZ-82. inexpensive gun, cheap ammo, and made to last. Mancat hit it on the head when he described them as built like tanks. Surprisingly accurate too.
  10. The Whitehouse has a feedback section open right now on the gun control/rights issue. We should make our voices heard here (in addition to writing our congressmen). My letter suggested improving mental health services and opening use of NICS to private parties. http://www.whitehouse.gov/share-your-thoughts-reducing-gun-violence I know some will see this as a trap, or will think it is a waste of time, but I believe that the president is above all a political animal and will only press for what he thinks he can win. Show him were the people stand.
  11. Classic has not bumped their prices on 9mm Mak, and still has it in stock. http://www.classicfi...arov-ammunition Its good range ammo in my experience just ordered 500 rounds for $98. Classic, Carolina Shooter Supply, and SGammo have to be my three favorite gun/ammo retailers
  12. If they had second throughts, they won't now. PA man goes off and kills 3 before dying in a firefight with police. This is much a mess, so many mourning families. I wonder if the long term economic downturn is a factor in all this. The downsizing in police depts across the country might also be a factor in how long these people seem to have before someone responds. edit: sounds like a handgun though, a police vest stopped a round.
  13. If still possible (depending on the specifics of the ban) I think my C&R and I would start a nice little SKS collection.
  14. anyone get a 'sorry were sold out' response to a panic purchase for which the item showed as in stock at time of purchase? I couple people have mentioned this on other forums, sounds like some places oversold their inventory (can't find where this was, thats what I get for going to bed).
  15. Check Chiappa, they are high quality lever action specialists.
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