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  1. Love it! Would like to have 2-3 like this!
  2. They suck! leave it out and notch the safety lever. to use as a bolt hold open. Like a krebs lever.
  3. My question is why is the National weather service and Social Security Admin buying large quanties of ammo?
  4. http://www.infowars.com/u-s-super-soldiers-of-the-future-will-be-genetically-modified-transhumans-capable-of-superhuman-feats/
  5. I'd buy an AA12 if they sold a civilian version in semi-auto. As far as the Georgia State Russian pretender, he makes a funny video worth watching when your bored with forums.
  6. Well being the hillbilly I am, I will continue to pronounce it Say-guh! People have to work out so many kinks in it to get it up to par I don't even consider it a Russian firearm once it runs properly!
  7. my mdarms vplug uses setting 5 basically for everything. I've never shot 3in rounds through it.
  8. Why does it matter where people take an infant even at midnight as long as its not to a crack house or bar? As for the Shooting, people kill people not guns! Cars don't drive drunk, people do! The Obama, liberal nut jobs will go crazy with this but, this 2nd amendment fight is coming anyway if Obama is re-elected and now maybe before if they can get it. Never waste a good crisis. The Guy and his evil doers plan on destroying America and the constitutional freedoms and remaking our great nation in his commy marxist idealism. Just my opinion.
  9. I told her that I thought this was once possible but now it maybe best to send it to his last known US Base and they would forward it appropriately. What do you all think?
  10. There was a time when you could place the Soliders name, rank, branch of service, and last known country/theater of war on a letter send it via US mail or the Red Cross and it would eventually find them. I know someone who just left for a war and couldn't even say where in this far away land he was going. Can his mom still send him letters etc... in the manner above? He is in some SF unit and she is naturally worried. OR Was it that soldiers could write on anything available, address it, and place it in the mail and it would make it home to there intended address?
  11. have you checked to see if your spring isn't installed or is off? Also watch the CSS videos on the CSS site for notching the BHO to keep the spring on. I just took my BHO out and notched the safety lever like a krebs safety lever for a bho.
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