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  1. Hhmmmmm, Romney, Goldman Sachs for Treasury sec., Did Trump order crow for dinner?
  2. Ohioians please note Kasuck lack of ethics and integrity, he signed a pledge to support the Republican candidate for president. Also, Senator Portman stated he wrote in Pence...Like a vote for hitlery! Two Ohio assholes...
  3. I'm sure most of us know what Wild bill said about the both of them liking to clean the carpet...Funny she will be taken down by a Weiner!
  4. Continue to contact the companies that purchase air time during the NFL games. Dollars talk to the companies...
  5. I'm not sure on the pre-order, but you could call him at 503-551-7283 and get in line. You will be behind me, I'm getting one of the first ones! Doug OK...I will definitely take one of the first production guns. I'll give him a call, thanks for the phone number.
  6. Very nice! Thanks for sharing...I can feel the need! Is a pre-order option in the works? If so please let me know. I'm in.
  7. Rhodes, sorry for your loss...Prayers are with you and your family. May God bless you.
  8. If Johnson was elected this nation would be flushed down the toilet! He wouldn't have a clue what's going on,he would be looking for his bong he misplaced... Trump is our only choice if you value the Constitution, secure borders, take the chains off the businesses left in the USA. Trump doesn't need money, he has plenty of money. Cruz made it very clear today he still backs Trump...
  9. Netpack, excellent advice and information you supplied. Without the proper technique you will not achieve acceptable long term results... 703camaro he really is giving you great direction on how to correctly make sure you avoid issues. Just my 2 cents
  10. If the metal is suspect (chemistry,tensile strength, elasticity,ect) may be an issue with longevity of the rifle. Without answers I'm not will to spend a grand. You can find Saiga AKs for $1100.....
  11. Always enjoyed your video's. Nice to hear you are ready to film again! Thanks!
  12. Wait? He isn't Mexico native? How can the news agencies report false narrative? I'm shocked he isn't Muslim. Wait that could affect Hilldibeast position on Monday night. How convenient! NOT
  13. Weigh all the pros and cons of each business and write down the reasons to stay along with the reasons to start a new journey in life. The ultimate decision rests with you and your family. I changed jobs at 59 years of age to get out of a very stressful environment, company offered me a 30% pay increase to return to my management position, said thanks but not interested in returning to the environment. Your quality of life along with your family and friends are worth more than any amount of the almighty dollar. Lots of people might disagree with my approach to life,we only are able to walk on
  14. Machinist


    Sweet! Enjoy your well functioning machine.
  15. She has syncope after her concussion/traumatic brain injury. Syncope is a common issue after a TBI. The brain shut off your body and down you go.... Recovery is a few hours, with a full return to normal after a day or two...
  16. Look on Gunbroker, people sell the used butt stock and forearm for around $25.00 for both pcs plus shipping. I was on GB last week and saw a few sets for sale.
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