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  1. mikegraham

    How many drums do you have

    Jeez... How can you guys be crabby on a nice spring Friday afternoon? lol Also, how is talking about drums a sticky subject? Guns are fun! Right GunFun?!
  2. I work at a large University... I see and speak with hundreds of college students working on their PHD's in a science mathematics program. These students are our furture. I can speak from experience they are "influenced" by the indoctrination programs infecting the future of this country. 99% of the students are anti-second amendment along with the majority of the professors. If you don't work at a large University, I'm fairly positive you wouldn't see or hear their opinions expressed openly in Mass numbers. They are NOT critical Independent thinkers for the most part. They tend to be group think people. So the give respect comment, is very concerning to me. I've always earned respect, not asked for respect...
  3. So, I guess we will let the POD eaters decide if we need a Second amendment? Fox news sent a reporter into the DC crowd and asked the "kids" what is an Assualt weapon? Not one person could correctly answer the question. This current anti-second amendment movement without knowledge is terrifing, at best. Or a very ocherstated movement utliizing the ignorant...
  4. mikegraham

    How many drums do you have

    Is that a version of the tragic boating accident?Nope, wife-n-kids are gone, along with half of everything I had and half my paycheck too. Sorry to hear about you having a rough patch in your life... You are a good man and there will be better times coming...
  5. Hornady critical duty, designed for 9mm self defense. You can find testing on the round on the internet. Shoots well in all situations. Just my 2cents....
  6. mikegraham

    Need a top rail

    Acetone will also breakdown locktite. Test an area first to see if the acetone removes the finish. Heat will also breakdown the bond. Use a good Allen wrench (end of wrench isn't rounded-off) to loosen the screw as soon as you remove the soldering iron from the bolt head.
  7. Fantastic turnout at the State capital today! Many state representatives that are pro-2nd amendment spoke at the rally. Hickok45 of YouTube fame (3m subs) spoke at the rally.
  8. Open carry rally at the State House in Columbus,Ohio on Saturday. Please check for info if you live around or in Ohio. Info is on Facebook under 'Rally for our Rights'
  9. mikegraham

    Happy Birthday Makc!

    Happy birthday!
  10. mikegraham


    Great idea... Down side is cost. Most people could not afford the carbide rods...
  11. Stop buying anything from them... Being a brick and mortar store this is only a FREE commercial for them...
  12. Come on Patriot, you know we can't just walk away from this! I really appreciated yours and Chile's post! We need to write and call the DC folks and let them know that we vote in every election...
  13. Trump just announced live he will sign an executive order outlawing bump stocks. He said he has the attorneys write the order as he speaks... 3:13 PM EST. Has Fienstein sitting at his right hand giving him direction.... Glad he announced yesterday he is running for re-election...
  14. The COWARD was armed... Peterson had a pistol. Just too scared to engage the shooter...
  15. Watch the press conference by the Broward County Sheriff. He stated the protocol was the deputies were to engage the shooter. His words, not mine. Look-up his press conference, he said he was disgusted by the deputies.