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  1. Thank you i was thinking about doing this but I didn't know if they'd be cooperative
  2. How would I go about getting one? Just curious
  3. I am looking to sell my converted saiga as I am needing money and the shop I was going to sell it at said that if I can prove my shotgun is from RJF it will increase the value. It has no markings besides the HK sights that indicate an RJF gun. Anyone have any ideas? Also I purchased this shotgun in 2011 so idk if they would keep that on record for that long
  4. I fixed the problem found a screw was holding the rear sight on so I just removed it. Next question is with a picatinny rail side mount would a vortex strike fire be an effective slug red dot? Or you think it would break
  5. Attached is an Image of the reciever of my S-12 as you can see I got RJF H&K sights (i dont know why i got them but im stuck with em now) the problem i am running into is attaching a side mounted rail for a red dot so i can effectively fire slugs. Is there a rail that would fit onto my side mount that will not be affected by the H&K rear sight on the dust cover?
  6. ill have to give em a go at the range tomorrow thank you for that example. and that was out of a normal 18" saiga right
  7. thats pure awesome....what was that with?
  8. Hey guys im looking to pick up deer hunting this year but i dont have a rifle with a proper caliber for deer hunting cept my benelli nova pump and my saiga-12. the benelli is nice cuz i can get a slug barrel for it but idk any of you guys have seen the price of these OMG! expensive...more than i payed for the whole shotgun besides its a little long for carrying through the woods and trying to bring up for a deer in a stand. so what i was thinking is using my saiga with some slugs, only problem is idk which ones to choose. since it is a smooth bore ill have to use rifled slugs. which ones do yo
  9. The media was not notified of this kinda wish they wouldve though lol too kinda show you dont waltz on into someones house. these guys were lucky they didnt have a weapon cuz whoever didnt live would be cleaning up the mess. and as far as the mag choice it was the quickest i could grab that was loaded at the time. i do have a 5 rounder but it just had fluff birdshot rounds in it.
  10. two nights ago i was upstairs in my home watching a movie before bed and i heard two people walking around in my living down stairs all the lights in the house were off so everyone who saw the house would have thought i was asleep. when i heard these people my first impression was to grab the 9mm but since there was two i grabbed the saiga with a loaded 12 rnd mag with 7 3" 00 buck in it and 5 3" slugs to finish it off. I started to walk down the stairs and no one saw me but when i racked the saiga i had their attention very quickly. both dropped the stuff they were trying to take (my xbox and
  11. thanx for the ideas i like the bowling pins idea never thought about those
  12. Im looking at building some targets for my saiga just because paper gets boring to shoot at and clay pigeons are hard to throw by myself. I was wondering what you guys could suggest for some type of targets to shoot at when im out by myself on the farm shooting. preferably all types of firearms (pistol and medium rifles like an ak-47) if possible
  13. much appreciated im prolly gonna find a cheap 700 or savage thank you for the comments and the advice
  14. Well took my new saiga out to the local trap range and as soon as I uncased the thing i got some bad looks. I guess these things are extremely frowned upon at ranges. when i was up to shoot i had to remove the magazine after after every shot to reload due to the rules (what a pain) and then at the end of my first and only round of 25 i was talked to by the manager and was asked to either change my weapon or leave due to being a "distraction to the other shooters" wtf its cuz of their rules im a "distraction." I told him "see you try using this thing with ATA rules...its frustrating removing th
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