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  1. My smartass side was thinking "In the ass end of a DC commie"
  2. See this link for 62 grain plinkers. $88 a 1000 http://www.shop.rmrb...02&categoryId=7 For commercial grade bullets, check out http://www.powdervalleyinc.com/ http://www.wideners....8|281|1079|1085 Sweet, Thanks for the links!
  3. I use a dillon 650. I reload 9mm,40 s&w,45 GAP,45ACP,10mm,45LC, and 50AE. I love this press, customer service is superb, 100% lifetime no BS warranty. depending on what caliber I'm reloading, I can pump out 500+ an hour. I have just about every upgrade available for the 650. Progressive is the best way to go if you shoot a lot. If you don't you can definitely save bunch of money by using a single stage press. I like the reloading part just as much as shooting, well almost Bob
  4. I reload 7 different pistol calibers on my dillon 650, and I am going to start reloading .223, my first for rifle reloading. Where is the best place to buy 60 grn plinking bullets, and 60 grn v-max bullets. Also, has anyone tried relodor 10x or AR comp alliant powder? I like the alliant powders, So I would like to stick with their products. Thanks for the help, Bob
  5. I received a Winchester model 270 from my father in-law, that he dropped, took apart, and couldn't figure out how to reassemble. Well after ordering a new trigger guard and buttstock that he broke, and figuring out how to reassemble, there is a recoil plate that goes inside the receiver, but can't figure out how it attaches. It almost looks like it was glued in, but not sure. Ive looked at a couple different schematics online and none of them shows an assembled rifle. Does anyone have one of these rifles that can tell me how it attaches? Or send me a pic? Thanks for the help
  6. If anyone has any new or once fired, let me know how many and how much. Going to start reloading this caliber and want to stock up on some brass. Thanks
  7. 259.00 at glock world. The only bad thing is they are sold out. But thats the cheapest I found.
  8. I found these kits for 275.00 . Not sure if I can post the link or not. PM me for details. Looks like I have the old style mags, with the one piece case. No removable bottom plate. I might have to order the new style mag to modify. Oh well, I could use a few more mags I guess. LOL
  9. Im interested in modifying the mag to hold more rounds. I never thought of that. I will be looking at the mags as soon as I get home. Thanks for the tip!
  10. I have over 1000 rounds trough mine. I just keep it clean, and lube it with G-lube. It's really accurate too. I did alot of research and came up with the AA. I reload for all my pistols but for the 18 bucks for 550 rnds at walmart you can't go wrong. Stingers are fun to shoot also, makes a nice white flash Every time I shoot it, someone at the range asks about it.
  11. Luck bastard! $250 is a great price for a new unit. BTW, I just checked, and they're $325 at Glock Meister, not $350+ like I mentioned earlier. Well, buying a new S12 made up for the good deal I got on the 22 conversion. LOL I would like to get that 50 GI Some day also.
  12. I have the advantage arms for my glock 22 and 17. It works flawlessly! I use it all the time. I bought an extra mag, and trijicon night sites with it also. Bought it from glockmeister awhile back and it was 250 bucks.
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