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  1. I don't suppose these 10 round magazines work very well do they?.... Anyone tried them?.... I never had much luck with anything that was made by ProMag... Yet, people like their 20 round drum.....
  2. ME too!... Got a SGM 25 round for the Vepr 12... I'd think it would be nice if the diameter could be made to be smaller than that monster....SGM had a lot of problems at first ....Maybe it would be simpler for them to do it???...What is amazing, is the WW 2, 71 round 9mm drums used with the Finish sub guns....(Russian's also) They run and run...They are about $25 in todays money, but still available. But I realize that 12 gauge and 9mm rounds are world's apart in size and design......
  3. Thanks, been waiting for YEARS!!!... Look's like I got one????.... We shall see?.... Mike
  4. Sure is quiet..... No drum???...
  5. A drum beating in the distance?.... I've been on the notify "lists" so many times I'm probably last?.
  6. Many, many moons ago I signed up (With a few additional posts/emails)) I signed up on your site for the SGM drum. Since it seems? there maybe a "drum", how are you going to handle the sales IF this does happen?. Mike in Arizona
  7. There was someone who used to make a Saiga magazine extension coupler that made 1 x 20 round mag out of 2 SGM's besides R&R.... Anyone got any info?
  8. PHOOEY!!!!!.... I'd settle for 20 rounds for competition shooting ... Most "stages" are less than that, OHH well????...
  9. I had correspondence from SGM today about my Gen 1 mags (both 10 & 12 round)and their non-function. Have faith, maybe a drum is forth coming. Good to hear they are not just releasing something that does not work!!...Waiting, waiting....
  10. The mag catch is shaped similar to a "U"... I had to remove a small amount of material from the "U's" legs with a file. It now looks more like a regular mag paddle, but with "legs".... Go slow & don't take off too much... You will be able to see the paddle move higher on the SGM mag which ='s more mag enguagement
  11. Say, that ban by Mr. President really worked!!!!... All the fighting has stopped and every Russian and Ukrainian are the best of buddies...In case you don't know.... Putkin wants the oil and mineral rich region for his own). EZ way to ban a weapon that scares "little children"...OR is for the "children", I keep getting that mixed up????.....
  12. Looks like Firebird may beat SGM out with a drum for the VEPR???....(see the posts, MKA-1919 forum). Cost will be more I'd imagine/... Looks nice, will it work????....
  13. Well, I finally fixed this problem...THE "Problem" was the Vepr double sided mag latch.... it just couldn't ride up into the SGM mag engagement area far enough.. I'm not knocking the SGM mags at all!!!.... The poor engagement at the rear of the SGM mags was the result of the Vepr's change to the "competition" style mag release on the 20" barrel model I received!!!..... THE FIX,..... I painted the SGM mag engagement area on the mag with white quick dry paint (finger nail polish)... it was VERY obvious that there was minimal engagement...thus the mag would drop out after firing. I removed the V
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