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  1. ME too!... Got a SGM 25 round for the Vepr 12... I'd think it would be nice if the diameter could be made to be smaller than that monster....SGM had a lot of problems at first ....Maybe it would be simpler for them to do it???...What is amazing, is the WW 2, 71 round  9mm drums used with the Finish sub guns....(Russian's also) They run and run...They are about $25 in todays money, but still available.   But I realize that 12 gauge and 9mm rounds are world's apart in size and design......

  2. Say, that ban by Mr. President really worked!!!!... All the fighting has stopped and every Russian and Ukrainian are the best of buddies...In case you don't know.... Putkin wants the oil and mineral rich region for his own). EZ way to ban a weapon that scares "little children"...OR is for the "children", I keep getting that mixed up????.....

  3. Well, I finally fixed this problem...THE "Problem" was the Vepr double sided mag latch.... it just couldn't ride up into the SGM mag engagement area far enough.. I'm not knocking the SGM mags at all!!!.... The poor engagement at the rear of the SGM mags was the result of the Vepr's change to the "competition" style mag release on the 20" barrel model I received!!!..... THE FIX,..... I painted the SGM mag engagement area on the mag with white quick dry paint (finger nail polish)... it was VERY obvious that there was minimal engagement...thus the mag would drop out after firing.  I removed the Vepr double sided mag release. This was stamped into a "U", the tips on either side of the release of the "U" were then  filed to about a 45 degree angle as this area was limiting engagement. (The "ends" of the "U" dug into the mag engagement area, stopping further engagement)...Now the "paddle" mag release looks more like an AK 47 style release.... THIS FIX also explains why I didn't have this  retention problem on my other Vepr using the SAME mags but which has the "single" AK 47 style mag paddle which has MORE engagement on the SGM mag. I tested all five 10 and 12 round mags, worked 100% with all... WHERE IS MY DRUM?????.....I"M SUFFERING from gotta have one Ittis. Mike

  4. This shotgun has the thru-the-trigger guard mag release as opposed to the "normal" Vepr mag paddle. I can only get a few 1300fps rounds downrange before the mag drops out..... Inspection shows what looks like the Vepr mag catch on this thru the trigger guard mag release is not going far enough up the SGM mag catch....Any one else have this occurrence?... I've got the Vepr 12 ga. folder and do not have the problem using the same mags....I've thought of just converting the mag paddle to the normal AK style.... NO, I'm not going to file the SGM mags as they work just fine in my other Vepr....I've tried streaching the mag release spring... (didn't help). Factory 5 rounders are ok...I don't like the cheek thingie on the Vepr folder and was hoping to use the 20" barrel gun as I've modded it to just what I want...


     I shoot in competition and this is NOT good for my scores....I've changed the AK mag paddle before..(a pain, but can do it)... WHERE IS THE DRUM!!!!...

  5. Humm???.... I have 2 Vepr's 12's and have owned 3 Saiga 12's, (even going back to when they were $189.00 from CDNN). In my opinion , the Vepr's are a big step up from the original style Saiga platform in quality, (GEEZ, I didn't have to pull the barrel and uncover the gas ports OR re-drill any covered ones!).. My only interest is in shotgun competition, during which a mixture of  #71/2 birdshot / 00 buck and or slugs are usually required to complete the course of fire. Maybe, I'm missing the boat?.... I can't imagine a heavier recoil spring allowing the shotgun to function under these rapid fire conditions as ejection is the issue with "lighter FPS" rounds..(I have many Colt springs and know that "lighter "springs are the norm in competition. I run a 8 # spring in my 2011 SV compensated "open" 9mm pistol).  I've gotten the Vepr's  (with SGM 12 round mags) to reliably function with 1255 feet per second birdshot by using a cut stock front spring (3 coils) and have experimented with a lighter puck (ala Papa Zoro's post). I have the CSS version of the "tank break" on one gun and I just had the 22' barrel on the 2nd. EDM ported on the other. Of course the contoured  / polished Tapco trigger groups / bolts, etc. for "922" BS. Pic of the 22' gun.


    If you can point me to any other improvements?, PM me or post. Mike in Arizona


  6. Looks like the Saiga 30 is a good choice...As I said, I thought the auto gas system was a step forward but I guess it's not that big of a deal. Just like the Russian's haven't made a lot (if any significant) changes to the AK 47.... Guess the original Saiga 12 is about the same.....

  7. Yes, that would be a BIG +... I'd hoped the auto gas system was a HUGE improvement just in reliability... doesn't look like it?...(I know "they" all need tweaking). Running these guns hard and reliability is the answer for competition...I bought a early a Firebird Akdal... bought before all the little gremlins were known...sold it... built another Saiga 12..... HA !!... had a CDNN $189 Saiga 12 a few  years ago.. Should have just kept it... Mike

  8. Generally, the fired hull is only partially ejected (hung partially in the port)...I'm shooting fast, plate rack/or/steel fall down which activates a vertical fly-up clay bird...(Usually, want to have 2 birds in the air at once, so 2 steels shot activate  2 birds, then shoot birds)..As I say, doesn't all ways happen even with the same 12 rd. mag....Stages are generally 25 + rounds. For comparison, there is a gentleman who shoots an R&R Saiga 16 round mag gun.... I've only seen one failure of his shotgun (was exactly the same ... hung hull)..   Both guns shoot the same load 1300 fps x 71/2 shot. Mike

  9. My 2% problem... When using one of the SGM x 12 rd. mags, I'll sometimes have a partially ejected hull hanging while trying to feed the next rd. Doesn't happen all the time, easy to clear (just "slap" the hung rd. out and rack the bolt forward). This usually happens somewhere around the 5th/6th round as far as I can tell...Then again, I can run the same mag dry,.... no problems...Info, "puck" is on #6, 4 ea. .092 gas ports, JTE light rear spring, feed ramp polished, AK extractor spring, bolt/hammer/everything is polished, CSS Molot style comp w/ choke. Always run 1245/1300 fps x 71/2 ammo.

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