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  1. No, Even if possible, I don't want internal threads, Thanks for the input. The Europeans are using these, but I don't have any links.. Mike
  2. Anyone have a lead on the Russian style choke tubes that are also an adaptor for the female threaded Molot (or other) compensator?. I've looked on the "net" don't see anything.... ( Would be looking for a "choke" with Saiga 12 female x Saiga 12 male threads). I've ordered the US version of the Molot compensator from CSS, but would like to tighten the groups up a bit for the small/long steel targets found in some competition events when using 7 1/2 birdshot. I'd port my barrel as a last resort IF I can't find these and continue the use of the PolyChoke that is being used now.
  3. GREAT!!! I just built my 2nd Saiga for competition use... I think the Europeans are way ahead of us. I've posted on Papa excellent post here..I think the choke and comp/brake are the way to go for competition... Mike
  4. Ya got me very interested..... BUT, after watching some of the videos, A short thread on choke and the Molot style comp would be my choise..... I've searched and there dosn't seem to be a US supplier for a Saiga thead x Saiga thread choke??? am I missing something?? Mike
  5. Mine is a competition only Saiga 12, has the JTE magwell, the SGM 12 rounder's work well. I'd rather have the double stack mags no matter the capacity. (more BB"s the better). That said, My M-11 Lage Max 31, 9mm sub gun can use the 50 round double stack "coffin mags" with no problems....( It helps that the 9mm cases do no have a "lip" at the rear of the shell , so they "stack" flat, I'm sure). I used to shoot .38 Super in my competition pistol (now 9mm)....That cartridge has a "lip" on the case. The mags worked just fine (Although many have swithched to the 38 Super Comp which is "flat"). I'd think the shotgun shell "lip" is not a unsolvibile problem, let's hope so?.
  6. Good input... I've put the limb-saver butt pad on the Tapco AR stock.... I'm using/like the Poly/Choke so I may just port the barrel.... Just wondering if the Vepr was going to be a BIG improvement?...Happy with the Saiga for now???...
  7. OPPS !!, I posted over on the Saiga 12 area about some areas of concern.... Probably should have posted here?... I'm interested in competition use .... Anyway to move from one area to another in the forums???....
  8. Just finished my 2nd. Saiga 12 (for competition).... Got all the goodies (magwell, polished trigger/bolt, trigger spring, DPH gas plug, etc). Performance has been 100% with 12oo fps shells of all varities, SGM 12 round mags are fine......(Only 1 match shot thus far). I have a C-More and a side mount set-up..(Not too happy, would like to get it lower, not in use at the present time). I'm using a home made HI-Viz front sight... (it's o k for now). Like the Vepr 12 rail mount idea.... Is the Vepr 12 going to be more reliable because of its gas system/or/ felt recoil that much less??...(Worth the change from the Saiga 12) I'm only interested in the gun's usage in competition, the last round bolt hold open feature would nice.... (I've read that the SGM mags do/don't/can't do this???). Do you see Tromix or others adopting the Vepr gas system to the Saiga OR is this a non issue/nonbenifit/not possible/no gain situation???? Maybe this would be better placed in the Vepr 12 section????....
  9. Mine was exactly like yours, I did the "D" port. I have a cheepo Harbor Freight press I use...... I did put a little lube on the parts in case I needed to do it again (didn't). Gun is for competition use...... I did do all the other goodies..... used the DPH 6 setting plug, running 1200 fps shot,slugs,buck just fine. Use a small piece of 1/2" or so angle and put a scribe mark down the center of the barrel to help center the gas block when you refit it.
  10. Look's like your in Arizona?.... IF you don't want to ship your gun??...Go to www.arizonashooting.com.
  11. I don't see any info on barrel porting (ala holes drilled in it). Not rocket science.,it works. Having a Saiga puts me in open class anyhow, may as well have all the benifets...... If you want to sprnd a lot of $$$$$, Brownells even offers a porting aid. I have a Poly-Choke so a screw on unit is a no no.... Are the R&R guns ported or are they using the clamp-on devise w/ holes?.
  12. I hear rumblings that this "mag" is supposed to happen.... Even a "patent" ... Anyone have any input??? Is the line forming??...
  13. mikeNM


    Gunfun;Sent you a pm, Mike
  14. What's the latest word on mag wells? I'm a little confused.... I have SGM mags.... Am I getting this right, the SGM (Surefire) mag well is plastic while the Jack Travers one is aluminum? Will be used for competition only. I see the last post is almost a year old... Any late info?
  15. You guys need to go to http://slickguns.com. ammo prices are always up... will save you $$$$ click ammo/click 12 ga.... I never pay shipping ....19 cents a round...
  16. Thanks, did't know about the double set up clip ...SGM's dual feed setup ("coffin mag") near production??? Got the "coffin" mags for my M11 MAX31 sub gun, WW2 era mag , run 100%.... gotta love 72 rounds in the drum verse 50 rounds in the "coffin" mags (AZ State Sub Gun Match 09/29/2012) ... "SPRAY and PRAY".... What belt clips are you using "Safariland" ??? Any links?.. In competition, I don't see the Saiga "drums" being used much, only now and then... I really didn't expext the gun to run 100% out of the box (w/mods), pleasant suprise. Lot of National class competition shooters @ Rio Salado, Mesa, Az Not too many Saiga's, but a few top dogs. .At age 71, I'm not going to kick your butt, BUT I'll "nip" at your heels... Mike
  17. Competition use... We have both 3 gun and plain shotgun competitions @ Rio Salado in Arizona on a regular basis.. I should have been clearer... Mike
  18. Really not hard to do UNLESS the gas ports are covered/or/partially covered. Then it's a little more work, but not too involved (cheepo Harbor Freight press is nice. (See my recent post about gas ports...read it all, just posted more today.). Mine was a 2012 build, couldn't even see the 4th. port. I've probably spent more than most on this conversion because the gun was built for mainly competition use..$610 is a good price today... the 1st. 2 Saiga 12's I bought from CDNN were $189 each back in the day... If you go the "tuber" way... The Mossberg JM Series is a no brainer, competiton ready right out of the box... Yes you can play with it... I've polished the loading port a bit/ added a longer Nordic extention tube.....Shoots anything!! Less expensive than the CZ
  19. Gun done, now to the 10/12 round mag carriers. Need some direction...Have seen a J Travers vidieo, what is he using or other sugestions? I'm using a big nail pouch now but it's really not to secure.
  20. Ya, that was the 1st time out with this NIB gun..... I'll be trying lot's of stuff to see whats what...I was impressed, not a malfunction. Hulls were flung about 2'/3' on #2 and 5'/6' when on #5.. didn't even try #6 or #1.. 1st. PolyChoke I owned, if it does all it's supposed to do?, will even be cheaper than individual chokes. It will be a great asset for the "gun games".... Got a spare hammer, going to see if I can take some of the "drag" out without affecting the operation. Left side cocking handle & LimbSaver butt pad and I'm ready...
  21. Took her out yesterday (never fired). I've done all the usual mods. With the plug on 5 and as low as 2 it ran everything I shot with no hiccups at all..... Estate brand, 1oz. x #7.5 x 1200 fps, 1 1/8 x 7.5 x 1180 fps, misc. slugs. SGM 10 and 12 rd. mags fully loaded. .... I'd put the light load kit in, works fine.... Big difference from 5 to 2 on how far the brass was ejected. I slightly opened the sides of the mag well, bolt is lightly polished, no problem loading the 12 round mag. (We will see in competition). I think a limbsaver recoil pad is probably next. I put a HI Vis front sight on (was not an easy task, wouldn't do it again). I need some time on the patterning board to see exactly what the Polychoke is giving me.... I've done 3 other Saigas, a 12, a 20 and a 7.62. Hope I'm smart enough to keep this one ... Mike SHE's a hooper!!
  22. mikeNM

    stagered mag

    any info on the hi cap stagered mag??? supposedly soon to be released???
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