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  1. they also do not understand it will affect all workers I have electrical company and pay my helpers $14 and foremen $18-20 how do I keep them when kids at Mac donalds are getting $15 do I have to raise wages $7 across the board Then raise my labor rates $12 to cover add payroll taxes. and lose bids
  2. I just got email from mdarms saying with code "black friday" you get 35% off your order. Ordered a drum for $82 it is good till Dec 07
  3. I plan on ordering mine at the same time I order the double stack for my saiga
  4. I emailed them to find out about 18" barrel just to have a "legal" pump that I can use my drum on. I know it's a bit lame but what the hell a different gun for the safe.
  5. Was looking on gunbroker and saw this it uses Saiga mags. The TAC2 “SUPER SHOTTY” is an AOW (Any Other Weapon) and can be transferred with a $5 tax stamp. It is built on the Black Aces Tactical receiver, and uses the Mossberg 500 barrel and trigger group. It uses detachable 5 and 10 rd. box, or 12 and 25 rd. drum magazines designed for the Saiga shotgun, and comes with one 5 rd. box mag. Other magazines may be purchased from Black Aces Tactical. We offer the "SUPER SHOTTY" in any barrel length you want, down to 6". Overall length for the 6" barrel is 18".
  6. With as many people involved you might try taking all your info and file with the Postmaster for mail fraud. They don't do much for one or two people. But you can list enough to get their attention. It might be worth a try.
  7. usa made Saiga barrels do not know if they have Vepr They have them in 12" and 18" http://iccmfg.com/saiga.html
  8. Wife wanted a new washer and dryer, But I had to get the Vepr. I guess that is why it's called mad money. Because She is MAD AS HELL
  9. Classic just listed Vepr 12's with folding stocks for $799 with free shipping I just saw that Atlantic has them for $799 Wish I had saw it before would rather support a Vender here
  10. If they sue George in cival court then ALL the pictures, emails ,Facebook and everthing else that shows Travons true side will be shown to the public no more "little Angle" Besides they already settled with the homeowners ins. for undisclosed 7 fig. amt.
  11. Any chance of a 10 or 20 round drum for the Vepr 12
  12. Copes is carring his products and says that he has spoking with Mike face to face . don't know why Mike won't post or why his web site does'nt go to mdarms but his choice it is a free country Post on Cope's site; Posted 16 October 2012 - 02:52 PM Guys and Gals, We sell the MD Arms line to many Dealers and Distributors. Melissa will be handling the Saiga-12 forum for me so feel free to welcome her to our team. If you are a dealer and need MD Arms Products. You can purchase them through: Cope's Distributing Inc. Amchar Wholesale Inc. Zanders Sporting Goods Inc. Yes i have talked to
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