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    Surefire Mag followers

    http://www.surefiregunmags.com/ I don't see why they wouldn't work in a bulgy mag - may even just drop in. The BHO function is nothing more than one side of the top being molded in the shape of a round in place - actually, if you just took a dummy round and secured it to the follower, it would act as a BHO.
  2. O.S.O.K.

    Are Saiga's on the verge of a price jump?

    Two things say "yes" to me. One, there is a healthy demand for them. and Two the dollar is weak and any new ones coming in will cost the dealers more US dollars to procure. I see them going up over $300 wholesale easy.
  3. O.S.O.K.

    Pitsol grip location question

    They make "thumbhole" stocks that fit without modification - that's basically what you are describing. I think they look like crap. But they do function well I guess. One of the main reasons to do a conversion is to replace and improve the fcg/trigger pull. If you are trying to avoid the "full" conversion, you'd be better off just upgrading the stock and be happy. But the conversion is really very easy and won't take you more than 2 hours at the longest and requires no special tools. I've done three of them now and believe me, its not hard.
  4. O.S.O.K.


    The .223 for combat isn't designed for 680 yard shots. It's designed for zero to 300 meters. And its perfectly adequate for that with the newer 62 grain SS109 rounds. But I do agree that I'd rather be toting a 7.62x51 chambered weapon if enguaging in serious social work at 300 yards.
  5. O.S.O.K.

    converted my .223

    Here's my .223 before 2:30 this afternoon: And here it is after 4:00: The trigger was just too damned heavy. I decided to go ahead and do a pg conversion since I already had the buttstock and pg on-hand. I have a G-2 fcg on the way to complete the deal. As you can see, I had camo'd the stock before and I decided to do it again for the new furniture - only I used some fabric mesh to spray through the second time around - I like it. It has a "snake skin" kinda texture to it. This is just Krylon flat camo paint - tan base with black and od green spots. Took all of 1 1/2 hours to complete - no mag stuff done as I just opted to pop for the surefire mags - which have worked 100% so far. I'll post range results with the new improved trigger when I get that done.
  6. O.S.O.K.

    converted my .223

    Thanks - it shoots as good as it looks And like most here, I learned how to from this site
  7. O.S.O.K.

    Rate of Twist

    Mine is 1:9 and this should be able to handle up to about 70 grain bullets but no more. This is for standard construction bullets, not something like an X-Bullet, which is longer and you have to drop down in weight for those. As far as commonly available loaded ammo - most like 62 grain for their primary ammo. I am one of them.
  8. O.S.O.K.

    converted my .223

    Thanks for the compliments Here's a close-up that shows the camo a bit better - in more detail: There's no fcg or pins installed in that pic.... I decided that since I'm using all us made mags that I'd just use some of the fcg parts on hand. That is, I don't need more us parts for 922r. I used the original hammer, a century disconnector (that I milled down and trued up) and a bulgy trigger. I filed and stoned all contact points to true them up and smooth them out. I used the original hammer so that I wouldn't have to mill the side of the new hammer to allow space for the bho. It's about the same as a G-2 now. I've got G-2's in most of my builds and Red Stars in a couple too - they really are the primo as far as fcg's go. I also installed some rivets in the rear holes. So, now it's done... and I need to go to the range with it again. And I have a G-2 fcg that needs a home - so, I'll be ordering a 7.62x39 Saiga - that'll by my third. Oh, and I used the pg from my S308 on this .223, so the S308 got a Tapco saw grip - looks good with its T-6 buttstock.
  9. O.S.O.K.

    Picture Post ,Lets see your .223!

    OK, I'll add my two. I converted both of these myself - just basic pg conversions: .223 .308 And here's their grandpa: That's a type III with a firing line receiver - I had to add this to try and counter the very nice looking rifles that preceded my post
  10. O.S.O.K.

    .223 ammunition

    Yes, definately reload. You can buy components from the various on-line providers - Midway, Grafs, MidSouth, etc.. The way I look at it, if there is demand, there will be investment and supply. We just need to wait for the market to respond to all of this. Also, there is a company called Corbin - or similar that makes swagging dies, presses, etc. - you can use those piles of .22 LR brass to swage .22 caliber bullets that shoot as good as the average component bullets. You just need the time...
  11. O.S.O.K.

    got a .223 to go with my .308

    Here's a pic of my rifle - I bought it last week and have done the following to it: replaced the gas piston with Tapco's stainless made in the US version camo painted the stock ordered some 30 round surefire mags and a sling to go with I had it out to the range for a short sight in and test - shoots like a saiga - 2" at 100 yards in spite of the trigger which is h..e...a..v...y -- this was with PMP ammo. The sights were very near "on" - only a couple inches to the right at 50 yards which made zeroing rather easy. My 308 is pistol grip converted - which was easy and allowed the instal of a Red Star trigger which is sweet! I kinda wanted to just leave this .223 in it's original configuration as it's fully functional and I like the feel of it. But the trigger may push me to convert this one as well. Anybody have a fix for the linked trigger on these? I just want it to lighten a bit and break cleanly...
  12. O.S.O.K.

    got a .223 to go with my .308

    Indy, every time I see that avatar I crack up
  13. O.S.O.K.

    Best saiga for sniping at 500 yards

    Acutally, the Soviet SVD is considered more of a "marksman rifle" - good out to 800 meters or so I saw in another thread here. Anyhoo, I agree that the S308 is certainly capable of hitting man-sized targets at 500 yards with optics installed and a good man behind the wheel.
  14. O.S.O.K.

    got a .223 to go with my .308

    Well, no replies - but I did do a little reseach myself and see that Dinzag offers an improved trigger - but for the money, I'd just do a conversion and get a G-2 which I can tune myself. I've already got a kvar buttstock so the fcg and pg/nut/screw wouldn;t cost but $60 shipped.. Any other ideas?
  15. O.S.O.K.

    Best saiga for sniping at 500 yards

    WTF are talking about? lol Do you know what MOA means? Shooting minute of angle means keeping them inside just over an inch at 100 yards. So, shooting 2MOA would be about 11 inches at 500 yards. Now, measure your chest. It should be somewhere around 20" in diameter. So keeping a target that size at 500 yards with a rifle shooting 2MOA would be no problem in terms of the rifle. Of course, the operator must know the drop of the load he's using and be able to dope windage. As to getting better accuracy from a S308 with match ammo - sure, probably, but not everyone gets better than 2", 100 yard groups with their rifles - so, I was trying to be conservative and not exagerate the rifle's capabilities. And the ATI stock was not added to improve accuracy (did I say that?). It was added to enhance the ergonomics for using that scope that was installed in the pic. So, what's your point my friend?
  16. O.S.O.K.

    Best saiga for sniping at 500 yards

    OK, the "sniper" terminology has been covered. I will assume that you are really talking about a designated marksman rifle or similar - that would be useful at 500 yards. For that, a converted S308 fits the bill. It should deliver at least 2 MOA which means a possible 11" or so group at 500 yards - if you do a damned good job. That will hit a man sized target every time. Now, with that in mind, here is what I am talking about (22" S308 converted to "dragunove" type configuration): This is one that I convterted - used a Red Star fcg (help accuracy a lot) and an ATI stock. The stock required a bit of fitting to allow the action to seat correctly. It easily gave me 2", 100 yard groups - with good milsurp ammo. I am sure it was capable of better with match ammo. I traded another member here for his S308 carbine, which I converted to standard AK PG configuration: It gives the same level of accuracy with milsurp ammo. It would also do the trick if you prefer a more compact package. Hope that helps.
  17. O.S.O.K.

    How do you aim your rifle?

    I have a windage adjustable standard iron sight that I got from Global Trades. It allows 2" 100 yard groups - good God y'all what else is needed? Fast acquisition, rugged as hell, field adjustable, fog/water/heat/dust/etc. proof- not resistant, proof - the very best. That said, mine is a carbine, not a "marksman or sniper" version - which needs a good adjustable optical sight like the POSP. Again, IMHO.
  18. O.S.O.K.

    Got my 308 Shark brake

    what are you speaking of my friend? pics?
  19. O.S.O.K.

    This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

    This thread needs an ordinary conversion pic, so here's mine
  20. O.S.O.K.

    Dented 308 brass - solutions??

    I wouldn't worry about the looks - autoloaders are generally hard on brass anyway and the dent is the least of your worries. Oh, and good for you for reloading - we all should handload/reload - I've been at it for over 15 years now.
  21. O.S.O.K.

    Looking to get a POSP

    IMHO the 4x is plenty out to 500 yards. Save your money for ammo
  22. O.S.O.K.

    Brady Campaign Legislative Priority Poll??

    Done! And gsimpson@hotmail.com is going to get some new e-mails :lool:
  23. O.S.O.K.

    Short v. Long Barrel S308...

    Congrats - you will love the carbine. Truth be told there is probably more difference in accuracy caused by the quality of the individual guns than by the length of the barrels. The shorter barrels are stiffer and should shoot more accurately - given they both have optics aboard. The longer barrel has a longer sight radius and is more accurate when using iron sights. Hope that helps.
  24. O.S.O.K.

    bayonet on a saiga

    I'd say one of two things - 1) replace the rear gas block with a reemed-out standard AK block (if there's enough material to work with) or 2) weld a lug on the existing gas block. I'd probably go with the welded lug - I;ve seen it done and they look good when done right.
  25. O.S.O.K.

    Leaking gas block

    If your rifle is cycling normally, don't concern yourself wit this - the system is designed to be "leaky". I don't see exactly what you're referring to in the pic either - gas comes out around where the tube fits into the block - entirely normal.