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  1. Interesting that they offer a 50% discount to uniformed police. I guess they're just over reacting on this one or they don't trust their cutomers. However I won't turn down a burrito next time I have the chance as long as I have some Chipolt-leway.
  2. I like the episode where the guy builds the zip gun/claymore out of the mouse trap. Suprised he wasn't fried too but maybe thats because it didn't work (obviously).
  3. The slide fire doesn't work on the S12 with out some modification. It wouldn't be too hard to do to the slidefire. I believe it was the pistol grip hole that was the problem but I can't remember on mine. It worked great on the rifle though.
  4. Dam I barely beat San Andreas for the first time in like 9 years. I'll get five later though as long as it doesn't suck any where near 4
  5. I've been told the dynamite one for years too. But I believe that everyone of these has happened.
  6. I like to send people out to the bakery in search of a dingle berry pie.
  7. Watch the whole movie. Not saying it will be any better but I think you'll enjoy its political satire.
  8. Was the car on fire? He's not a hero if the car wasn't on fire.
  9. I'll keep mine short. I watched my uncle shoot himself with my .22 revolver right in the calf when I was 15. The doctors left the bullet in and you can still feel it.
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