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  1. What do you consider a "kitchen table FFL"? I am an FFL and I run my business out of my home and I am listed on the ATF's web sight. Anyone who is a Federal Firearms Licensee is listed on the web site, and they are just as able to do a transfer as anyone else. I do them for $20 all day long.
  2. gunbroker.com has a good listing of FFL's that you can search from: http://www.gunbroker.com/FFL/DealerNetwork.aspx
  3. Thanks for all the comments and opinions. I am STILL on the fence since there are a lot of good arguments for both. One thing I did notice in my research was that it seems almost everyone is sold out of the standard Draco's right now, but I was able to find Mini's. What to do, what to do???
  4. I am going to get a Draco here soon but I am on the fence between the standard Draco and the Mini Draco. I understand that the Mini is about 5" or so shorter than the standard, other than that, why would I choose one over the other? Pro, cons, good, bad - give me your opinion. Thanks!
  5. Still trying to find a graphic file of this. If anyone has it and is willing to share it, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks
  6. Thanks guys, keep the opinions coming. I should have this $$ in my hands in the next week and its all going to Russian guns
  7. Very good, I will definitely take 5.45 into consideration as well.
  8. SBR's are a little tricky here, but can be done. I have considered the Dragunov/Tiger/SVD but they seem pretty difficult to find. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places. Curious, why go with a Saiga in 5.45? Thanks
  9. I am in the process of selling a few things that I no longer want and I plan to use the money I get to support my growing firearm addiction. I will have $2000-$2500 to play with. I want your opinions on what guns you would buy if you had this to spend. I already have a Saiga 12 (IZ-107 24" barrel) in my collection. I am considering a Arsenal SGL21-61, another Saiga 12 w/ 19" barrel (or 2), a Draco, a Russian Vepr 7.62x54R, maybe a Saiga IZ-132 just to play with. I would like to focus on just getting the guns right now, I will worry about converting/upgrading later with other money. I alr
  10. Thanks, if I can't get a hold of the graphic, I will end up buying one... hate to do that when I have the vinyl cutter and vinyl to do it myself.
  11. Here is mine, a fresh virgin, right out of the box (I filled in the lettering) with a couple of her old "comrades"
  12. Lettering was done with a crayola crayon and a shop rag. Fill in the recesses, wipe excess away with rag, done I have been told that tire crayons from the auto parts store work as well as some grease pencils.
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